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Drinking Alcoholic Beverages While Deadheading

Date: November 23, 2018


Our Contract in Section 3.I.11 – Deadhead provides that Flight Attendants may drink alcoholic beverages while deadheading subject to certain conditions. These restrictions were negotiated to ensure the integrity of the operation and are to be strictly adhered to as follows:

1. The Flight Attendant may not be in uniform.

2. Lineholders may not have a scheduled flight departing within twelve (12) hours after scheduled arrival at a domicile or co-terminal point; or, at a non-domicile layover point, will not be legal to be reassigned or drafted to work any flight for at least twelve (12) hours after scheduled arrival.

3.  Reserves would not be legal for assignment for twelve (12) hours after scheduled arrival at a domicile, co-terminal or non-domicile point. 

Provided all of applicable conditions specified above are met, the Flight Attendant may drink after takeoff and, in the event of a multi-segment deadhead, may only drink on the final deadhead segment.

If you have questions about the application of this language, please contact your Local Council office.

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