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Vacation Fly Through – Advance Notice & Operational Fly through

Date: November 6, 2018


Given the recent move to a common scheduling platform, effective October 1st there was a new Vacation Fly through option that became available to those Flight Attendants previously working under the pmUA Contract.  In addition, there were changes on how the Vacation Fly through options now work for Flight Attendants who were working under the pmCAL & CMI Contracts.

There are two types of Vacation Fly Through. For purposes of this publication we will refer to the two types as Advance Notice Fly Through & Operational Fly Through.

Advance Notice Fly Through requires notice to the company of you intent to fly through a vacation period in a future month.  In order to avail yourself of this opportunity, you must advise the company no later than 10:00AM (HDT) on the fifth (5th) day of the calendar month prior to the month in which the vacation is scheduled. For example, to fly through a July vacation, you must notify the company no later than 10:00AM (HDT) on June 5th. This Advance Notice Fly Through is available to all Flight Attendants without regard to the pre-merger Contract under which you are scheduled. 

Lineholders choosing to fly through a vacation period and who notify the company prior to the fifth (5th) day of the month are obligated to fly any and all pairings that fall within the designated vacation period, unless their schedule is altered through the process of trading or dropping the scheduled pairings within the vacation period. Flight Attendants opting in advance to fly though their vacation currently have no restrictions when picking-up trips; the trips may be picked up from Open Time, from other Flight Attendants (advertisements) or mutually traded.

A Reserve who chooses to fly during her/his scheduled vacation period shall be paid the value of each vacation day (3:15) in addition to the greater value of their Reserve guarantee or hours flown.

Operational Fly Through occurs when a Flight Attendant elects to fly through her/his vacation after schedules for a given month have been awarded and even during the current schedule month. Effective October 1, 2018, this option became available to Flight Attendants who were previously flying under the pmUA Contract.

 OurJCBA Section 12.I.4 outlines the process by which Flight Attendants utilizing the “operational” Fly Through option will be limited to picking-up trips from other Flight Attendants within the vacation period unless otherwise permitted by the company.  The picking up only from other Flight Attendants unless otherwise permitted by the company is a change for those Flight Attendants previously flying under the pmCAL & CMI Contracts.

In all cases, Flight Attendants can utilize the operational Fly Through provision by contacting Crew Scheduling and requesting to fly through their vacation. 

When flying through a vacation period, advance or operational, Flight Attendants are taking pay in lieu of vacation and no actions affecting the scheduled flight activities during the vacation period will affect the value of the vacation. If a Flight Attendant chooses to fly (through) during their vacation period, by requesting a Vacation Fly Through, they will be paid the value of any trip/trips they fly during the vacation period, plus their vacation pay at 3:15 per vacation day. If a Flight Attendant elects to Fly Through their vacation, but does not fly a trip during the scheduled vacation time, they will be paid for the value of the scheduled vacation days.

Additional information on Vacation Fly Through, including step-by-step instruction on how to submit a request, may reference the 2019 Vacation Guide which is available on our website, unitedafa.org.

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