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Approved Holiday Adornment & Uniform Reminders

Date: December 8, 2018

 MEC Uniform Committee

During the month of December to celebrate the holiday season, Flight Attendants may wear one holiday accessory that is in good taste and does not detract from our professional image as Safety Professionals. All other appearance regulations remain in effect.

Acceptable accessories include the following items:


·        Conservative holiday scarf

·        Conservative earrings

·        One holiday necklace

·        Conservative hair barrette

·        Holiday hose/socks (with slacks only)


·       Conservative holiday tie

·        Holiday socks

·        One holiday pin

 The following items are not permitted

·       Head adornments (antlers, Santa hats, halos)

·        Holiday vests or sweaters

·        Holiday aprons

In addition, review these reminders for the Blazer or Blue Jacket

·       Required to be worn with the blouse at all times during Phases 1 & 4

·       Required to be worn with a dress on international flights

·       Optional over a dress when working domestic flights 

·       Optional over the short sleeve jacket

·       The blue jacket is never to be work over the short sleeve jacket, cardigan, vest or V-neck sweater. If worn during Phases 2 & 3, wings, name bar (and language bar, if applicable) are required.

Additionally, Flight Attendants seeking to purchase a holiday scarf or tie are encouraged Help our Flight Attendants in need this holiday season and consider purchasing your holiday accessory from a CAUSE Foundation representative. For more information visit their website: theCAUSEfoundation.org.

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