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GUL-Group Universal Life Automatic Enrollment Returning from LOA

Date: December 8, 2018

AFA has negotiated this protection for Members to make sure Flight Attendants who return to work after a long illness or injury (non-occupational) and new hires are automatically enrolled in GUL at 4 times their annual salary. The procedure is outlined on the LOA packets and RTW packets. Securian, the administrator of this policy sends each Flight Attendant a letter outlining their options including the ability to “opt out of the Plan or lower the amounts”. The letter is generated when the Member returns to active status. The Benefits Committee has requested to place the automatic enrollment language in the packet in a very clear and noticeable location, which has been done.   Important to Note: This seems to be an ongoing misunderstanding with Members. Automatic enrollment is a protection, not a penalty, and we all need to continue to emphasize the value of GUL considering the many who would not be allowed to purchase life insurance because of a pre-existing condition such as cancer, HIV or numerous other illnesses.

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