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Pay Related Issues

Date: December 8, 2018

MEC Communications Committee

Confusion continues over the harmonized payroll process. To clarify - 

Our work/activity performed in the November bid month is reflected in our Final Pay Register and paid to us in December.

ALL flight information is stored real-time and is preliminary until we receive our final Pay Register five (5) business days after the bid period closes. The final Pay Register for the November bid period is available December 6.

Our December 1 Flight Advance was calculated using:

Our November flight time credit plus any hours displayed in our Add Pay (base rates) by November 20th. (or 1-2 business days prior if 20th falls on a weekend or holiday)

If by November 20th, our projected hours are:

50 hours or more

12/1 Advance = 49:42 (70% of our 71 hour base pay)

30 – 49:59 hours

12/1 Advance = 24:51

Less than 30 hours

12/1 Advance = No advance issued.


While it is not required that the various hour categories (50+ or 30 – 49:59) have actually been flown by the 20th of the month, guarantee or minimum values must clearly show/project either of the categories of hours in order to receive the Flight Advance of 49:42 or 24:12 hours.  Keep in mind that the Add Pay (Base Rates) hours ARE included in determining this projection.

Our upcoming 16th of the month paycheck (to be paid on Friday 12/14) consists of November’s Total Month’s Pay MINUS the Flight Advance we received (if applicable) on December 1. This check includes all overrides, Training Pay, and any other pay exceptions plus per diem.

If you find an error on your November Final Pay Register, contact the Flight Attendant Crew Pay Support Team. Any November pay issues found and corrected should be reflected in our 16th “Total Month’s Pay” check reflecting November pay activity.

Online: On the left-hand side of your Pay Register Summary, click on the "Questions" icon or the "Override Pay Exception" icon and fill out the Help Hub form.  Phone: 1-800-FLT-LINE (option 5, 1, 2)

Another resource that is very helpful is the JCBA Implementation Update. It provides an up to date itemized list of potential issues and instructions on what we need to do for each issue listed. We encourage all Flight Attendants to become familiar with the JCBA Implementation Update.

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