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Attention to Safety this Holiday Season

Date: December 11, 2018

MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

With the holiday travel season well underway, it’s important that we ensure safety and security are prioritized. During hectic travel periods we have more competition for our attention in the cabin during boarding and while inflight. Flight Attendants should remain focused on our number one responsibility, safety. Recognizing that stress and unfamiliarity with any new procedures or aircraft can create a need for additional attention to detail, we must be certain to take the time needed to complete all of our safety responsibilities as outlined in our FAOM.

Safety checks must be completed prior to the closing of the aircraft door, preferably but not necessarily, prior to passenger boarding. Exit row briefings must be completed no later than 10 minutes prior to departure time and applicable FAA minimum Flight Attendant crew complement must be maintained at all times when there are passengers onboard the aircraft.

When placing safety as our number one priority, we’ll find ourselves doing everything reasonable to complete our boarding responsibilities in the time allotted. However, if as a result of unforeseen circumstances you find yourself unable to complete your duties, you should inform the Purser immediately to ensure we meet the requirement for completion prior to door closure. On-time departures are important corporate objectives, but safety and security are our primary roles and must always be our focus and priority.

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