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JCBA Duty Rig Verses Trip Rig and Partial Pairing Pick-ups

Date: December 11, 2018

As provided for by the language in Section 6 of our JCBA, Ratio-in-Guarantee (RIG) offers protection for additional pay and credit beyond the sum of the flight time within a scheduled pairing, when applicable. Our JCBA provides for two (2) different RIG minimum pay protections: 

Sections 6.A.1-3 - Minimum Duty RIGs

A Flight Attendant who departs on a flight shall be guaranteed minimum pay and credit as follows: 

  1. A minimum of one (1) hour’s flight time pay and credit for each two (2) hours of duty time, prorated 
  2. A minimum of five (5) hours flight time pay and credit for a one duty period pairing 
  3. A minimum average pay and credit of five (5) hours per day for pairings with multiple duty periods (e.g. 5/10/15/20) 

Section 6.B. - Trip RIG or Time Away from Home

When a Flight Attendant is scheduled to report for duty or actually reports for duty, whichever is later, she/he shall receive a minimum of one (1) hour’s pay and flight time credit for each three and one-half (3 ½ ) hours elapsed time, prorated, until return to the blocks at her/his Domicile and release from duty. 

Both Duty and Trip RIGs are considered when determining the value of a pairing.  A Duty RIG is a guaranteed minimum pay credit based on the amount of time that we spend on duty, whereas Trip RIG is a guaranteed minimum pay credit based on time away from domicile. 

If multiple RIGs exist within a pairing, they are evaluated independently, compared to each other, and then compared to the flight time of the pairing to determine which value is the highest. The highest value becomes the value of the pairing.

Section 6.K. - Duty and Trip Rig Credits outlines the manner in which these credits are applied.

Any credit time accrued as a result of the duty period guarantees shall be applied as an extension to the last segment of the duty period in which the credit was accumulated.

Any credit time accrued as a result of the application of the time away from home guarantee shall be considered an extension to the last segment of the pairing.

However, if a Flight Attendant advertises a portion of their original pairing (partial pairing) that had duty or trip rigs, the rigs will no longer be valid and will not apply to the partial pairing if picked up by another Flight Attendant. A Flight Attendant who picks up a pairing that originally had rig pay associated with it will not be paid any rigs for the pairing.   However, if the partial pairing is assigned to a Reserve that qualifies for RIGs will be paid with the applicable RIGs.

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