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EmployeeRES New Jumpseat Listing Procedure

Date: December 21, 2018

The new employeeRes system launched on December 13, 2018 leading to changes in the Flight Attendant jumpseat listing procedure. Flight Attendants are encouraged to utilize the following steps when listing for jumpseat. 

1. On the Flight Search tab, enter your flight details, including origin and destination, date of travel and travel type; select yourself as the traveler, and submit your search for “personal travel.”

2. Review the search results, and select the flight(s) you want to take. 

3. Make sure your travel details are correct, and select “Jumpseat” from the Pass Type dropdown menu. 

4. Review your trip and book the itinerary. You can learn more and find quick-reference guide on the New eRES Information page on Flying Together.

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