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International Purser Waitlist “Resignations”

Date: December 21, 2018

As the company has begun activating additional International Pursers at base locations around the world, we’ve begun to receive some questions about the process of “resigning” for those who are currently on the International Purser waitlist at their current domicile and who are considering their options.

As provided in Section 9.D.4.d. of the JCBA, an International Purser, which is an “activated” International Purser, may resign from the program by providing the company “written/electronic notice not fewer than two (2) months prior to the effective date of her/his resignation.” You must be an active International Purser to resign from the Purser program. 

International Pursers, including those on the wait list, are required under the language in Section 9.C.2. “…to successfully pass the required training. Thereafter, an [International Purser] must attend and pass all required training in order to remain qualified. Failure to attend and complete the training will result in the expiration of the International Purser qualification and subsequent removal from the program or the wait list.

For those on the wait list, keep in mind that flying assigned at each location changes and you may want to hold off making any decisions prior to your becoming in range to be activated.  In the event the company elects to activate additional International Pursers at your location, you will be offered a position in seniority order at which time you may elect to accept or decline the activation, at your option. If you decline the activation, you will be considered as having left the program voluntarily and will need to reapply to enter the program.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council office.

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