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Purser Override for 2019 Vacations

Date: December 21, 2018

As the result of an agreement between United and AFA, Flight Attendants who are awarded a Purser line of flying shall be entitled to Purser Override Pay based on the Purser trips dropped due to vacation provide she/he flew 350 credited hours (excluding vacation) in any of the following positions in the prior year:

1.    International Purser

2.    Qualified Purser

3.    Purser

4.    Aft Purser

5.    International Service Manager

6.    Flight Service Coordinator

7.    First Flight Attendant 

For 2019, credited hours from 2018 in any of the above positions will be applied toward the 350 hour threshold.

The Flight Attendant Crew Pay Support Team will update your pay register to include the applicable Purser Override(s) for Purser trips that are dropped due to vacation. This will occur prior to the close of payroll for the month in which you have vacation. 

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