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Transfers Affecting International Purser Qualification

Date: December 21, 2018

As a result of recent transfer activity, there have been a number of questions as to how accepting a transfer affects the International Purser qualification of those who are “activated” International Pursers and those who are on the International Purser waitlist.   

International Pursers who are active in their current domicile who accept a transfer before completing twelve (12) months in the International Purser program at their current domicile will be considered to have resigned their qualification upon report to the new domicile.

International Pursers who have not yet been activated and who are on the waitlist at their current domicile and have not been activated will be added to the wait list at their new domicile in seniority order.

We expect the International Purser FAQ will be updated shortly to reflect these mutual understanding of the program.

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