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E-Lines: December 07, 2018

Date: December 4, 2018

December 13, 2018 System-Wide Day of Action #EnoughCuts 
MEC Communications Committee 

On Thursday December 13, United Flight Attendants around the world will stand together in Unity, with one voice objecting to management’s decision to cut Flight Attendant staffing in an attempt to lower the “staffing” bar to the level of our competitors. The airline says pre-plating meals for business class passengers alleviates the need for one of aviation’s first responders. (Don’t they know that the position being cut does so much more than dish up meals?)

The staffing cut announcement comes on the heels of ongoing “glitches” since October 1, costing Flight Attendants missed opportunities to make money and lost time away from their families when potentially more desirable sequences of flying were available. A Collective Bargaining Agreement is a mutual agreement made in good faith by the parties involved. It’s not only the Flight Attendants who are expected to live up to their end of the bargain. Management must also follow through on their end of the Agreement.  Enough is enough!

We are in times of record profits and it goes without saying we want United Airlines to succeed because when our company succeeds, we succeed. A race to the bottom of onboard service and safety levels is contrary to these shared objectives. There’s no excuse for cutting onboard staffing today, but there is every reason for United to up its game to make it impossible for other airlines to compete. Safety, security and customer service can never be compromised.

Make it an unprecedented turnout!  All of us TOGETHER, making a small time commitment on December 13 makes a huge impact. Bring your kids if necessary. Our passengers need to know they matter too and that customer service, safety and security should not be compromised to line Wall Street’s pockets even more.  Please join any of the events around the system in the chart below.

December 13, 2018 System-Wide Day of Action







Upper Level - Terminal B



Upper Level Departures - Between Terminals 1 & 2


0900 -1000

Departure Level Door 7



Main terminal (west side, outside ticket counter)



Terminal B - Directly in front of United Check-in

Hong Kong


Departure Level - Terminal 1 - Door 3



K-mart intersection



Departure Level - In front of United Check-in



JFK Blvd at Greens Road

Las Vegas


Departure Level - Terminal 3



Café Nero

Los Angeles


Upper Level - Terminal 7 & 8 – Briefing at 1030



Terminal C – Level 2 Doors 1 & 5 | Level 3 Doors 1 & 3
- Briefing at 1030

Tokyo Narita


Departure Level Curbside - Near United Ticket Counters

San Francisco


Upper Level Departures - Terminal 3



Departure Level - In Front of United Check-in

Vacation Fly Through & Vacation Open Time Trades by Seniority
MEC Communications Committee 

In the December 4, 2018 Scheduling Alert, management informed us that Vacation Open Time Trades by Seniority were not awarded in correct order impacting approximately 298 Flight Attendants.  All vacation trading was suspended until December 7, 2018 1000 HDT.

The re-award of the vacation open time trades was completed and visible in CCS yesterday afternoon. December 6, 2018. There were 298 Flight Attendants who had a change in their vacation award. Included in the 298 flight attendants, there were 155 Flight Attendants that requested a vacation fly through and who now need to resubmit those requests in CCS

In addition, there were 40 Flight Attendants who entered into a trade with another Flight Attendant that either participated in vacation open time trading and/or traded with someone that did. These trades have been reviewed and it has been determined that there was no change to the originally awarded trade.

The approximate 298 Flight Attendants who participated in the Vacation Open Time by Seniority who also were awarded Vacation Fly Through or a Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant Vacation trade, should have received additional communications from the Flight Attendant Vacation Team in CCS.

Updated Timeline:




Dec 4

1700 CT

All vacation fly through and vacation trades between Flight Attendants suspended

Dec 7

0800 HDT

Vacation Open Time Trades by seniority re-awarded

Dec 7

1000 HDT

Vacation fly through, vacation trades between Flight Attendants, and Instant Open Time Vacation trades open

Dec 11

2359 HDT

Instant Open Time Vacation Trades close for January 2019

Dec 12

1000 HDT

Vacation Fly Through Close for January 2019

Dec 15

2350 HDT

Vacation trades between Flight Attendants close for January 2019

Questions should be directed to the Flight Attendant Vacation Team at 1-800-FLT-LINE, option 4, 9, 1 or FAVacationTeam@united.com

Flight Attendant Instant Vacation Trades with Open Time Now Available 

Instant vacation trades opened this morning, December 7, 2018 at 8:00 AM (LDT), if you wish to trade for an open vacation period you will need to submit a vacation trade with open time request. If this trade involves a January vacation period, you must submit the trade by December 11, 2018.  The latest the trade request must be submitted is thirty (30) days before the earliest calendar month involved in the trade.

Vacation trades with open time are “instant” trades. Once entered, they are either accepted or rejected. Once processed, these trade requests do not remain on file for further consideration. If you wish for any request to be considered at a later time, you must re-enter the trade.

Flight Attendants wishing to trade with open time not currently available should continue to check the allocation matrix, as the following circumstances can affect available vacation days.

  • Any vacation days awarded, that are vacated later (e.g. separation from company, retirement, etc.) will be added to the allocations. 
  •  If a Flight Attendant trades down to fewer vacation days with another Flight Attendant or for open vacation days, any surplus of unused days will be added to the allocations for use by another Flight Attendant.

Additional information concerning the Vacation Instant Trade with Open Time option, including a step-by-step guide on how to submit a trade on CCS is available in the 2019 Vacation Modification Guide.

Welcome New Hire Class 1812
MEC Communications Committee

This past Wednesday, December 05, 2018, we welcomed the 66 graduating Members of class 1812 to the line. Our newest flying partners will report to ORD and BOS on December 12, 2018 for orientation and will be available to fly on December 14, 2018. Please join us in welcoming the newest Members of our Flight Attendant community.


Transfer Awards – Action Required 

On Wednesday, December 5, 2018, base transfers were awarded as follows with an effective date of January 30, 2019, the first date of the February 2019 schedule month:


















Flight Attendants are reminded that under the provisions of our JCBA, once you are awarded a transfer, you must accept or decline such transfer within seven (7) days of the award date. Failure to respond will result in your transfer award being considered a declination. 

Also, when a Flight Attendant declines an awarded transfer, she/he will be inhibited from any further transfers for a three (3) month period. Whereas, if a Flight Attendant accepts an awarded transfer they will be restricted for a period of six (6) months to submit another transfer once they report to their new domicile. Read the full details about the Harmonized transfer awards  here.

CBD Oil – A Hazard to Continued Employment 
Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) 

As a Flight Attendant, if you test positive for marijuana (THC), regardless of whether it is state approved medical or recreational marijuana and regardless of whether you knowingly smoked a joint or unknowingly ate a marijuana edible, you will be deemed a test violator. The same holds true for a Flight Attendant who states that the test positive was the result of CBD use. 

Generally, the source of the THC and the legal existence of a product in a store will not change the test from a positive to negative. Currently, the production of CBD oil is unregulated and therefore any claims that you will not test positive maybe unfounded. 

Additionally, there are no studies that demonstrate how many times you can use a low THC concentration CBD product before you might test positive.

The bottom line, as many terminated Flight Attendants and safety sensitive employees will tell you; the use of CBD may be hazardous to your continued employment.

Flight Attendants needing additional information on this very important issue are encouraged to contact their Local EAP/FADAP representatives at afacwa.org or by calling 800-424-2406. 

Crews Traveling to Paris – Use Caution and Avoid Protest Areas
MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

Since November 17th, there have been ongoing “Yellow Vest” protests in Paris and they are anticipated to continue this weekend. The focus of these protests have been higher fuel prices and government proposed fuel taxes. These protests have the potential to turn violent without notice.  It is strongly recommended that you exercise caution if you are in Paris.

Past demonstrations have occurred in congested tourist areas. It is for this reason the Department of State and the U.S. Embassy recommend the avoidance of these tourist areas. While our Flight Attendant crew hotel is located outside the known protest area and a move from that hotel is not anticipated, the situation is fluid and subject to change. Always ensure another member of your crew knows your whereabouts or how to reach you. Keep in mind there could be detours and traffic disruptions which might affect not only crew transportation but also your ability to return promptly to the hotel.

Avoid protest areas, large gatherings and remain situationally aware. Monitor local media for updates and developments as well as www.state.gov for updated guidance as well as the International SOS app for updates.

Required Training/ Meetings Review & Engagement Event FAQ

Review the attached FAQ regarding the upcoming Engagement Event and International Purser Recurrent Training.

Pay Related Issues
MEC Communications Committee

Confusion continues over the harmonized payroll process. To clarify - 

Our work/activity performed in the November bid month is reflected in our Final Pay Register and paid to us in December.

ALL flight information is stored real-time and is preliminary until we receive our final Pay Register five (5) business days after the bid period closes. The final Pay Register for the November bid period is available December 6.

Our December 1 Flight Advance was calculated using:

Our November flight time credit plus any hours displayed in our Add Pay (base rates) by November 20th. (or 1-2 business days prior if 20th falls on a weekend or holiday)

If by November 20th, our projected hours are:

50 hours or more

12/1 Advance = 49:42 (70% of our 71 hour base pay)

30 – 49:59 hours

12/1 Advance = 24:51

Less than 30 hours

12/1 Advance = No advance issued.


While it is not required that the various hour categories (50+ or 30 – 49:59) have actually been flown by the 20th of the month, guarantee or minimum values must clearly show/project either of the categories of hours in order to receive the Flight Advance of 49:42 or 24:12 hours.  Keep in mind that the Add Pay (Base Rates) hours ARE included in determining this projection.

Our upcoming 16th of the month paycheck (to be paid on Friday 12/14) consists of November’s Total Month’s Pay MINUS the Flight Advance we received (if applicable) on December 1. This check includes all overrides, Training Pay, and any other pay exceptions plus per diem.

If you find an error on your November Final Pay Register, contact the Flight Attendant Crew Pay Support Team. Any November pay issues found and corrected should be reflected in our 16th “Total Month’s Pay” check reflecting November pay activity.

Online: On the left-hand side of your Pay Register Summary, click on the "Questions" icon or the "Override Pay Exception" icon and fill out the Help Hub form.  Phone: 1-800-FLT-LINE (option 5, 1, 2)

Another resource that is very helpful is the JCBA Implementation Update. It provides an up to date itemized list of potential issues and instructions on what we need to do for each issue listed. We encourage all Flight Attendants to become familiar with the JCBA Implementation Update.

Reserve Contact Following Legal Rest 
MEC Reserve Committee

Reserves continue to report confusion as to when Crew Scheduling may contact them following legal rest period. As required by the language in Section 8.I.3.c., upon release to legal rest, scheduling may attempt to contact a Reserve during the last hour of legal rest period at the home base.  

The legal rest periods are different depending on the flying in the previous duty period. This rule applies across the board for all periods of legal rest be it 12, 14, or 18 hours. 

In addition, Flight Attendants are not obligated to answer the telephone during this last hour of legal rest even though the company is permitted to attempt contact during the last hour of the legal rest period. If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Representatives.

Approved Holiday Adornment & Uniform Reminders 
MEC Uniform Committee

During the month of December to celebrate the holiday season, Flight Attendants may wear one holiday accessory that is in good taste and does not detract from our professional image as Safety Professionals. All other appearance regulations remain in effect.

Acceptable accessories include the following items:


·        Conservative holiday scarf

·        Conservative earrings

·        One holiday necklace

·        Conservative hair barrette

·        Holiday hose/socks (with slacks only)


·       Conservative holiday tie

·        Holiday socks

·        One holiday pin

 The following items are not permitted

·       Head adornments (antlers, Santa hats, halos)

·        Holiday vests or sweaters

·        Holiday aprons

In addition, review these reminders for the Blazer or Blue Jacket

·       Required to be worn with the blouse at all times during Phases 1 & 4

·       Required to be worn with a dress on international flights

·       Optional over a dress when working domestic flights 

·       Optional over the short sleeve jacket

·       The blue jacket is never to be work over the short sleeve jacket, cardigan, vest or V-neck sweater. If worn during Phases 2 & 3, wings, name bar (and language bar, if applicable) are required.

Additionally, Flight Attendants seeking to purchase a holiday scarf or tie are encouraged Help our Flight Attendants in need this holiday season and consider purchasing your holiday accessory from a CAUSE Foundation representative. For more information visit their website: theCAUSEfoundation.org.

Sun setting of Previous employeeRES Version

On December 13, the previous version of eRES will be discontinued, and after that only the new eRES will be available. We would recommend familiarizing yourself with the new eRES before then to make sure you’re ready for the change. 

NOTE: Pass riders who have access to book and manage travel will still use the old version of their site temporarily. Management will advise in advance when these users will switch over to the new version of the site.

GUL-Group Universal Life Automatic Enrollment Returning from LOA

AFA has negotiated this protection for Members to make sure Flight Attendants who return to work after a long illness or injury (non-occupational) and new hires are automatically enrolled in GUL at 4 times their annual salary. The procedure is outlined on the LOA packets and RTW packets. Securian, the administrator of this policy sends each Flight Attendant a letter outlining their options including the ability to “opt out of the Plan or lower the amounts”. The letter is generated when the Member returns to active status. The Benefits Committee has requested to place the automatic enrollment language in the packet in a very clear and noticeable location, which has been done.  

Important to Note: This seems to be an ongoing misunderstanding with Members. Automatic enrollment is a protection, not a penalty, and we all need to continue to emphasize the value of GUL considering the many who would not be allowed to purchase life insurance because of a pre-existing condition such as cancer, HIV or numerous other illnesses.

Reserve Christmas Wish List Delay

We understand the December 2018 Bid Package Cover Letters contain information on the Reserve Christmas Wish List automation that is not currently available.  Due to some unforeseen complications, the program is not available as was anticipated on December 5, 2018.  We anticipate additional information next week in sufficient time for the Christmas Holiday period. 

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