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Crews Traveling to Paris – Use Caution and Avoid Protest Areas

Date: December 8, 2018

MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

Since November 17th, there have been ongoing “Yellow Vest” protests in Paris and they are anticipated to continue this weekend. The focus of these protests have been higher fuel prices and government proposed fuel taxes. These protests have the potential to turn violent without notice.  It is strongly recommended that you exercise caution if you are in Paris.

Past demonstrations have occurred in congested tourist areas. It is for this reason the Department of State and the U.S. Embassy recommend the avoidance of these tourist areas. While our Flight Attendant crew hotel is located outside the known protest area and a move from that hotel is not anticipated, the situation is fluid and subject to change. Always ensure another member of your crew knows your whereabouts or how to reach you. Keep in mind there could be detours and traffic disruptions which might affect not only crew transportation but also your ability to return promptly to the hotel.

Avoid protest areas, large gatherings and remain situationally aware. Monitor local media for updates and developments as well as www.state.gov for updated guidance as well as the International SOS app for updates.

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