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E-Lines: February 13, 2018

Date: February 13, 2018

AFA Works for You!
MEC Communications Committee

 MEC Communications Committee

 Your MEC Communications Committee is responsible for MEC communications, including the MEC Website - unitedafa.org, and is also responsible for the publication of AFA E-Lines, AFA United Social Media and other special publications for the Membership. The Committee develops educational programs about the Union, our Contract, the negotiation process and a myriad of other programs regarding our profession.

 Additionally, the Committee is responsible for the New Member Presentation and the AFA-CWA Buddy Program. The Buddy Program is a very important program essential to a new Flight Attendant’s Career as it provides practical information, support and assistance to new Flight Attendants during the periods of relocation, settling-in and probation. The purpose of the program is to further the spirit of Unionism on a personal level, from the beginning, while utilizing the experience of Flight Attendants as AFA-CWA “Buddies”. The AFA Buddy Program is not only a valuable program for our newest Members, but an essential way for all Flight Attendants to get involved in their Union. With new hire classes scheduled to begin next month, watch for more information from your Local Council on how you can become involved in this successful program. 

February 16 Paycheck Will Reflect the Standardized Payroll Process
One United

 As a reminder, effective this Friday, February 16, 2018, all Flight Attendants regardless of pre-merger affiliation will be paid based on the same pay methodology. For more information on the standardized process review the Pay Methodology Harmonization article on our website. If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Local Council Office for assistance.

Additional Tumi® Luggage Offer
MEC Uniform Committee

 The company has recently announced Flight Attendants now have the opportunity to purchase additional Tumi® luggage pieces at a very generously discounted price. Prices for Two and Four Wheeled Carry-on included in this offer include:

  •  2 Wheeled Carry-On at $172.50
  •  4 Wheeled Carry-On at $177.60

 Use your TUMI login credentials with your United email address (example@united.com) when ordering. A credit card is required to make your purchase; taxes and shipping fees are the responsibility of the Flight Attendant.

 The following restrictions apply:

  1.  A signature is required, but you're not required to personally sign for it; a family member or friend can sign for your delivery.
  2.  Shipping to a P.O. Box is not permitted.
  3.  Shipments will be sent via FedEx with an average delivery time of 5-10 business days. Please note that these estimates may vary based on location and time of order.
  4.  Once you receive your shipment, be sure to register it with TUMI as soon as possible, in order to take advantage of the five-year warranty program.
  5.  Free luggage monogramming will be available at any TUMI store.

 Note: Flight Attendants who have yet to submit an order for the original company-issued two or four wheeled carry-on, contact tumiluggage@united.com directly to fulfill this order. TUMI uniform luggage site*

 Direct questions about the luggage program to tumiluggage@united.com.

April COLA and JobShare Opportunities Submission Deadline Date Correction

 Last week’s E-Lines publication dated February 9, 2018, contained an incorrect submission deadline date. In order to avoid any confusion, we’re publishing the correct timeline to submit requests for April COLA and JobShare opportunities are as follows:

 One month COLAs and JobShare opportunities are being offered for the April 2018 bid month. Interested Flight Attendants should submit a request no later than February 20, 2018, 10:00AM, local domicile time. Medical benefits at active employee rates are NOT included in this one-month COLA offering for April. Flight Attendants awarded this one-month COLA are not required to fly March carryover trips. The number of COLA’s and Jobshare to be awarded has not yet been determined.

 Additional information on COLAs can be found by referencing our JCBA Sections 15.B & 15.N. of our JCBA while Section 16 covers the provisions of the Jobshare program.

July CQ “Due” or “Must Go” Training Reassignment Bids Are Now Available

 Flight Attendants from the following domiciles - HNL, LAS, FRA, HKG, NRT, LAX, DCA/IAD and BOS who were required to travel to another domicile in order to attend CQ, and bid for their due month, can now view their bid award in the following manner. pmUA Flight Attendants may view their new CQ month in the RETREC screen in Unimatic. pmCAL Flight Attendants have been notified via corporate e-mail.

 Additionally, as we communicated in February 9th , 2018 publication of E-Lines. Flight Attendants traveling from BOS, DCA, HKG, HNL, LAS & NRT who travel online to attend training (i.e. CQ18) at another location now use a slightly different method when cr

eating the booking to travel to training. Whereas in the past we used the Business Travel option (PS5B), we are now using the Training Travel (PS0U) option.

 Additional information may be found in the following article: Creating Travel Listings for Travel to Training.

Supplemental Insurance Open Enrollment Ends February 23, 2018
MEC Benefits Committee

 Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Benefits Open Enrollment is underway for this year’s annual open enrollment period, with the last base visit concluding February 23. As a reminder all United Flight Attendants have the option to secure Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Benefits through one of two brokers, Design Benefits or National Group Protection (NGP) or may choose to utilize benefits from both brokers. Now, through February 23, 2018, enrollment representatives from these brokers will be available in in the scheduled domiciles to answer questions and to assist Members in enrollment for voluntary supplemental insurance plans.

 The plans that are offered include:

  •  Group Voluntary (Short Term) Disability Income
  •  Critical Illness with Cancer
  •  Cancer Policy
  •  Group Voluntary Accident Insurance
  •  Group Hospital Indemnity Coverage
  •  Life Insurance

Remaining Open Enrollment Periods by Domestic Domicile

BOS - February 22 - 23
CLE - February 19 - 20
DEN - February 11 - 19
EWR - February 11 - 17
IAH - February 18 - 23
LAS - February 19
LAX - February 11 - 17

Section 15.K JCBA - Bereavement Leave
Joint Contract Bargaining Agreement (JCBA)

 Recently we have received a number of questions from Flight Attendants inquiring about the bereavement policy and the contractual provisions on which it is based. Section 15.K of our JCBA provides the following provisions for Flight Attendants who may need bereavement leave.

 A Flight Attendant shall be entitled to time off without loss of pay up to a maximum of four (4) consecutive days (inclusive of days free from duty) in the event of a death in her/his family Pay shall be based on trip(s) missed or reserve duty day(s) A Flight Attendant may extend the four (4) day period of paid time off by using up to fourteen (14) consecutive days of accrued vacation from the current or following year, if available.

 For purposes of time off for bereavement, family shall include the Flight Attendant’s spouse, domestic partner, child (including step-children and in-laws), parent (including step- parents and in-laws), grandparent (including step-grandparents and in-laws), grandchild (including step-grandchildren), other relative living in her/his home, legal dependent, legal guardian (in lieu of parent), siblings (including step-siblings and in-laws), or such additional individuals as may be included in Company policy.

 The Company will provide positive space on-line passes for travel to attend the funeral/memorial service and return from downline locations. The Company will also assist in other travel arrangements, as needed.

We Remember the Crew of Colgan Air Flight 3407, February 12, 2009
AFA International

 Yesterday, we paused to honor those aboard Colgan Air Flight 3407, February 12, 2009. It is our duty to apply the lessons learned from this tragedy and address the safety hazards caused by fatigue in order to maintain the safest aviation system in the world. We owe this to the crew of Colgan 3407 and we owe it to ourselves as aviation's first responders.

 In memory of the Colgan Flight 3407 Crew:

 Flight Attendant Matilda Quintero
Flight Attendant Donna Prisco
Captain Marvin Renslow
First Officer Rebecca Lynne Shaw
Captain Joseph Zuffoletto, (off-duty)

 Three years ago, in recognition of those who lost their lives and in tribute to the families who have valiantly fought to ensure their deaths were not in vain, we publicly launched our campaign to Fight Fatigue with 10 hours minimum rest and a Fatigue Risk Management Plan (FRMP) for Flight Attendants.

 Today, we remember not only those who lost their lives in this tragedy, we also remember those who loved them.

Securian – Group Universal Life (GUL) Contact Information

 Questions regarding Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance should be directed to Securian at (866) 887-1043.

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