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AFA Works for You! - MEC Communications Committee

Date: February 14, 2018

MEC Communications Committee

MEC Communications Committee

Your MEC Communications Committee is responsible for MEC communications, including the MEC Website - unitedafa.org, and is also responsible for the publication of AFA E-Lines, AFA United Social Media and other special publications for the Membership. The Committee develops educational programs about the Union, our Contract, the negotiation process and a myriad of other programs regarding our profession.

Additionally, the Committee is responsible for the New Member Presentation and the AFA-CWA Buddy Program. The Buddy Program is a very important program essential to a new Flight Attendant’s Career as it provides practical information, support and assistance to new Flight Attendants during the periods of relocation, settling-in and probation. The purpose of the program is to further the spirit of Unionism on a personal level, from the beginning, while utilizing the experience of Flight Attendants as AFA-CWA “Buddies”. The AFA Buddy Program is not only a valuable program for our newest Members, but an essential way for all Flight Attendants to get involved in their Union. With new hire classes scheduled to begin next month, watch for more information from your Local Council on how you can become involved in this successful program. 

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