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E-Lines: February 20, 2018

Date: February 20, 2018

AFA Works for You!
MEC Communications Committee

 In this week’s AFA Works for You educational series, we focus on our Employee Assistance/ Professional Standards Committee and the difference these dedicated volunteers make every day for all of us. The volunteers on this committee provide a confidential resource to AFA Members, their spouses, partners and families to assist with personal, as well as work-related concerns.

 AFA EAP provides three distinct but interrelated services including:

  •  Assessment, support and resource referral
  •  Advancement of professional standards through conflict resolution
  •  Response to critical and traumatic incidents.

 AFA's objective in providing these services is to enhance the health, safety and well-being of its Union family with the highest quality of peer support services available within the EAP industry.

 Problems your EAP Committee can assist you with:

  •  Relationship issues, both professional and personal
  •  Family concerns
  •  Emotional well-being
  •  Physical health concerns
  •  Stress
  •  Chemical dependency
  •  Other addictions
  •  Financial difficulties
  •  Legal matters

 Each of our EAP/Professional Standards Committee Members are highly trained in many sensitive areas, including support and assistance to any Flight Attendant that may be struggling with drug or alcohol issues through our FADAP program. Flight Attendants who may be dealing with a confidential issue are never alone, as our EAP professionals are only a phone call away.

Our EAP/Professional Standards office in Washington DC (800-424-2406) is staffed by licensed and certified mental health professionals offering professional resources, as well as referrals, to your AFA EAP Reps as they assist Members, individually and collectively. We are Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants.

Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Enrollment Ends Friday, Feb, 23, 2018
MEC Benefits Committee

 Open enrollment for Supplemental Insurance benefits will end this Friday, February 23, 2018. Flight Attendants have the ability to sign up for voluntary benefits. Visit each broker’s website, Design Benefits or National Group Protection (NGP), for details on the available coverage plans and on how best to secure benefits. If in-person visits have concluded at your location, contact the brokers about your options to obtain benefits either on-line or over the phone.

 Remaining Open Enrollment Periods by Domestic Domicile:

 BOS               February 22 - 23
CLE                Contact Broker
DCA at IAD    Contact Broker
DEN               Contact Broker
EWR              Contact Broker
GUM              Contact Broker
IAH                 February 18 - 23
LAS                Contact Broker
LAX                Contact Broker
ORD               Contact Broker
SFO               Contact Broker

Line Review Report (SWLOF) Available on Unitedafa.org
MEC Central Schedule Committee

 Central Schedule Committee’s most recent SWLOF report detailing their activities at their most recent meetings with the company has been published for your review on www.unitedafa.org.

Vacation Fly Through Clarification

 We’ve recently received a number of questions regarding Vacation Fly Through and some confusion around the different types of Vacation Fly Through.

 For clarification purposes, there are two types of Vacation Fly Through.  The first requires notice to the company of the intent to fly through no later than the fifth (5th) day of the calendar month at 10:00AM local domicile time before the month in which the vacation is scheduled.

 The second type of Vacation Fly Through is an “operational” Fly Through where the Flight Attendant elects a vacation fly through after the award of monthly schedules. The Operational Fly Through will be available to pmUA Flight Attendants once we are all on a common scheduling platform.

 For clarification purposes, lineholders choosing to fly through a vacation period and who notify the company prior to the fifth (5th) day of the month prior, are obligated to fly any and all pairings that fall within the designate vacation period unless their schedule is altered through the process of trading, dropping or RDOing the scheduled pairings within the vacation period.  When flying through a vacation period, Flight Attendants are taking pay in lieu of vacation and no actions affecting the scheduled flight activities during the vacation period will affect the value of the vacation.

 If a Flight Attendant chooses to fly (through) during their vacation period, by requesting a Vacation Fly Through, they will be paid the value of any trip/trips they fly, plus their vacation pay at 3:15 minutes per vacation day. If a Flight Attendant elects to Fly Through their vacation, but does not fly a trip during the scheduled vacation time, they will be paid for the value of the scheduled vacation days.

 A Reserve who chooses to fly during her/his scheduled vacation period shall be paid the value of each vacation day (3:15) in addition to the greater of their Reserve guarantee or hours flown.

 Additional information on Vacation Fly Through, including step-by-step instruction on how to submit a request, may be found in the 2018 Vacation Booklet located on our website, unitedafa.org.

A Review of Deadhead Provision 3.I.11 of Our JCBA
Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement

 Section 3.I.11 of our JCBA was implemented in 2017 and is a new provision for the pmCAL Flight Attendants. We encourage Flight Attendants to review this contractual provision and the conditions that accompany section 3.I.11 of the JCBA.

 Our JCBA, 3.I.11 states the following:

 A Flight Attendant may drink alcoholic beverages while deadheading subject to the following conditions:

  1.  The Flight Attendant is NOT in uniform
  2.  If a Lineholder, she/he does NOT have a scheduled flight departing within twelve hours after scheduled arrival at a Domicile or co-terminal point; or at a non-Domicile layover point will not be legal to be reassigned or drafted to work any flight for at least twelve hours after scheduled arrival
  3.  If a Reserve, she/he would NOT be legal for assignment for twelve hours after scheduled arrival at a Domicile, co- terminal or non-Domicile point

 If the conditions above are met, the deadheading Flight Attendant may drink only AFTER TAKEOFF, and in the event of multi-segment deadhead, may only drink on the FINAL DEADHEAD SEGMENT. For clarification purposes, Flight Attendants seated in a First Class / Business class cabin are required to adhere to the stipulations stated in this in Section 3.I.11.

 Additional information on Deadheading can be found in section 3.I of our JCBA. As of today, the following provisions of Section 3. I have been implemented, 3.I.2, 3.I.3, 3.I.5, 3.I.6, 3.I.11, 3.I.12, 3.I.13, 3.I.14.

 Questions may be directed to your Local Council Representatives.

2018 Reserve Survival Guides
MEC Reserve Committee

 The 2018 edition of the Reserve Survival Guide has been published and is now available on our website, Unitedafa.org. We encourage all Reserve Flight Attendants to download their pre-merger specific Reserve guide. Many thanks to the United MEC Reserve Committee for their research and dedication in producing the 2018 editions for our Reserve Flight Attendants.

 pmCAL Reserve Survival Guide                                pmUAL  Reserve Survival Guide

Scholarships Available to United Flight Attendants and Their Families
Association of Flight Attendants, CWA

 Being a Member of the largest Flight Attendant Union in the world provides all of us with a wide array of benefits. One of those benefits are scholarships that are available only to active Members of the Union. Scholarships available include:

 Association of Flight Attendants Scholarship Fund – Deadline to apply, April 10, 2018

 The Association of Flight Attendants Scholarship Fund is intended to provide financial assistance to dependents of our active Members who will be attending a college or university.  The scholarship was founded by Dee Maki.  She started the scholarship trust for the dependents of active Members who do not have the opportunity for higher education.

 If you would like to apply for this scholarship please visit the AFA International Website Scholarship page http://www.afacwa.org/scholarships. This page also includes details on the scholarship fund as well as the guidelines and application requirements.  The deadline for applications is April 10, 2018.

 Joe Beirne Scholarship Program – Deadline to apply, April 30, 2018

 The Joe Beirne Scholarship Program was established in October 1974 by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Executive Board in the memory of Joe Beirne who took great pride in fighting for education and learning.

 This scholarship is offered by CWA each year and offers sixteen partial scholarships to selected winners in a lottery drawing. The deadline for applications is April 30, 2018. Details on this scholarship are on the CWA website http://www.cwa-union.org/pages/beirne.

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