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401(k) Beneficiary Update Campaign in Progress

Date: February 27, 2018

Section 29.I. of our JCBA provides for the establishment of our 401(k) plans. These plans are an important component of our retirement security and the security of those with whom we share our lives. An essential component of our future security is planning. Not only planning in the sense of setting aside our future savings, but also putting into place the necessary directions to ensure our hard earned money is directed in the absence of our specific instructions.

While we understand making decisions on issues affecting our mortality are difficult to think about, they are critically necessary to care for those we will leave behind us. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to review you beneficiary designations and to understand how your hard earned 401(k) balances will be directed in the event you do not specifically identify your beneficiary.

At the encouragement of our MEC Benefits Committee, Fidelity Investment and United Airlines will undertake a Beneficiary Update campaign over the next several weeks in an effort to ensure we all have designated beneficiaries for our 401(k) accounts. Targeted communication will be sent to employees whether they have beneficiaries on file or not. For many of us, we may have specified beneficiaries years ago and, with the passage of time, things may have changed. For others of us, we may have put off making that decision and have not specified a beneficiary.

If there is no valid beneficiary designation on record upon your death, your surviving spouse (if you are married) will automatically be your beneficiary. If you do not have a surviving spouse, then your estate will automatically be your beneficiary. For Plan purposes, the term “spouse” means the person to whom you are legally married, as recognized for federal tax purposes pursuant to applicable Internal Revenue Service guidance To designate a beneficiary, access your United 401(k) account through Flying Together>Employee Services>Retirement Savings or www.401k.com and select the Profile link.

If you have additional questions, please take a few minutes to call Fidelity Investments and take advantage of their expertise in helping us plan our future.

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