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AFA Works for You!

Date: February 27, 2018

MEC Government Affairs Committee

As part of our educational series on the roles and work of the various MEC Committees, we focus on the important work of our Government Affairs Committee. 

As Flight Attendants, we work in a highly regulated environment. Decisions which affect our safety and security, our work environment and our job security are routinely made in Washington, D.C.Our AFA Government Affairs Committee maintains a voice in the political process to express the concerns of Flight Attendants on issues which impact our security and safety, our health, our workplace, the safety of our passengers, and our rights to Union representation. The Committee Members lobby Senators and Representatives on AFA's legislative issues and work to establish an on-going relationship with these offices.

Lobbying is an essential and necessary component of the work the Committee does. It is important to point out the vast majority of this work is accomplished by volunteers and through voluntary contributions of eligible AFA members to FlightPAC, our Political Action Committee (PAC).

FlightPAC is non-partisan, supporting candidates in federal office who are committed to helping improve Flight Attendant safety, security and health and who are willing to address our concerns. Grassroots activities are intended to educate elected officials about aviation issues, ensuring they are aware of our views. We encourage every Member of our Union to consider a contribution to FlightPAC.  Pulling together, when we pool our contributions, we have the ability to make a difference. Every item that we address through the legislative process reduces the number of items we need to discuss in Negotiations and this allows us to be highly effective in what we accomplish at the bargaining table. Through the voluntary efforts of our many Government Affairs Members around the system, our Union has played an intricate role in addressing the following issues:

Fight for 10
Bridge the Gap
Stop Outsourcing: Enforce Trade Agreement
FMLA Resource Center
Known Crewmember (KCM)
No Knives on Planes
Stop Human Trafficking
Air Quality
No Calls on Planes
Security Training
OSHA Onboard

To set up your contribution to FlightPAC, either one time or recurring, please contact your Local Council Government Affairs Committee.

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