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E-Lines: February 27, 2018

Date: February 27, 2018

JCBA Implementation Road Shows Encourage Dialogue - Meet with Ken Diaz, AFA MEC President and John Slater, VP Inflight Services - Operations

 As we move forward toward that all important October 1st implementation date, United AFA MEC President, Ken Diaz and Inflight Services Vice President of Operations, John Slater, will take to the road and travel across the system to meet with Flight Attendants to listen to their concerns and answer questions relating to the implementation of our Joint Contract.

 The initial meetings will be conducted in domiciles based on the following schedule:




AM/PM Meeting

February 28


11:00am to 2:00pm

Mid-Day Meeting

March 1


8:00am to 12 noon

Morning Meeting

March 1


3:00pm to 6:30pm

Afternoon Meeting

March 15


9:00am to 12 noon

Morning Meeting

March 15


5:00pm to 8:00pm

Evening Meeting

March 16


8:00am to 12 noon

Morning Meeting

These roadshow events will be held in a casual group setting that will encourage open dialogue, facilitate conversation and create yet another opportunity for Flight Attendants to receive information directly from company and Union leadership.

Additional road shows will be announced as details are finalized.

AFA Works for You!
MEC Government Affairs Committee

 As part of our educational series on the roles and work of the various MEC Committees, we focus on the important work of our Government Affairs Committee. 

 As Flight Attendants, we work in a highly regulated environment. Decisions which affect our safety and security, our work environment and our job security are routinely made in Washington, D.C.Our AFA Government Affairs Committee maintains a voice in the political process to express the concerns of Flight Attendants on issues which impact our security and safety, our health, our workplace, the safety of our passengers, and our rights to Union representation. The Committee Members lobby Senators and Representatives on AFA's legislative issues and work to establish an on-going relationship with these offices.

 Lobbying is an essential and necessary component of the work the Committee does. It is important to point out the vast majority of this work is accomplished by volunteers and through voluntary contributions of eligible AFA members to FlightPAC, our Political Action Committee (PAC).

 FlightPAC is non-partisan, supporting candidates in federal office who are committed to helping improve Flight Attendant safety, security and health and who are willing to address our concerns. Grassroots activities are intended to educate elected officials about aviation issues, ensuring they are aware of our views. We encourage every Member of our Union to consider a contribution to FlightPAC.  Pulling together, when we pool our contributions, we have the ability to make a difference. Every item that we address through the legislative process reduces the number of items we need to discuss in Negotiations and this allows us to be highly effective in what we accomplish at the bargaining table. Through the voluntary efforts of our many Government Affairs Members around the system, our Union has played an intricate role in addressing the following issues:

Fight for 10
Bridge the Gap
Stop Outsourcing: Enforce Trade Agreement
FMLA Resource Center
Known Crewmember (KCM)
No Knives on Planes
Stop Human Trafficking
Air Quality
No Calls on Planes
Security Training
OSHA Onboard

 To set up your contribution to FlightPAC, either one time or recurring, please contact your Local Council Government Affairs Committee.

Group Universal Life Annual Premium Increases Delayed until March 1, 2018

 The Group Universal Life (GUL) annual premium increase that would normally occur as of January 1st each year as a result of the annual pay increases from the previous year, has been delayed. The premium increase will now occur effective with the March 1, 2018 pay check.

 It is important to note that premiums retroactive to January 1st will not be collected for the months of January and February 2018.

 Both Securian and the United Airlines Benefits Center are aware and we are being told that both are equally prepared to answer questions and address inquiries on the annual premium increases for Group Universal Life coverage.

 We understand some of us have already experienced rate increases in January and we are seeking a better understanding of those increases.

Profit Sharing Program - Section 4.N. of our JCBA

 As provided for in Section 4.N.6. of our JCBA, Profit Sharing payments were paid today, February 27, 2018, on a separate check through your normal payroll process (i.e., direct deposit or physical check) for Flight Attendants at all U.S. domiciles.

 Note: Internationally domiciled Flight Attendants in FRA, HKG, LHR or NRT will not receive a separate paycheck but will instead receive the Profit Sharing payment on their regular paycheck closest (March 1st) to the distribution date due to taxation and other regulatory issues net of any deferrals to any eligible retirement plan account. Members outside the U.S. who are enrolled in the floor rate program receive appropriate floor exchange rates when Profit Sharing payments are received through the normal payroll process.

 In anticipation of questions we have received in previous years, we remind those who are deferring into your 401(k) on a pre-tax basis that you may see a variety of taxes, including Federal Income taxes being withheld on some portion of the Profit Sharing proceeds deferred.

 This money, even when directed into the pre-tax deferred 401(k) account, is subject to FICA (Social Security and Medicare) withholding, CA state disability withholding as well as some other State and Local taxes. The money withheld from the Profit Sharing payment to pay these FICA, state disability and other taxes is considered wages for the purposes of the Federal tax code. As a result, the money withheld from the Profit Sharing to pay these various tax and disability amounts is reported as wages and is further subject to Federal tax withholding. It is for this reason that you will see Federal Taxes withheld from the Profit Sharing proceeds that have been directed into the 401(k) accounts.

401(k) Beneficiary Update Campaign in Progress

 Section 29.I. of our JCBA provides for the establishment of our 401(k) plans. These plans are an important component of our retirement security and the security of those with whom we share our lives. An essential component of our future security is planning. Not only planning in the sense of setting aside our future savings, but also putting into place the necessary directions to ensure our hard earned money is directed in the absence of our specific instructions.

 While we understand making decisions on issues affecting our mortality are difficult to think about, they are critically necessary to care for those we will leave behind us. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to review you beneficiary designations and to understand how your hard earned 401(k) balances will be directed in the event you do not specifically identify your beneficiary.

 At the encouragement of our MEC Benefits Committee, Fidelity Investment and United Airlines will undertake a Beneficiary Update campaign over the next several weeks in an effort to ensure we all have designated beneficiaries for our 401(k) accounts. Targeted communication will be sent to employees whether they have beneficiaries on file or not. For many of us, we may have specified beneficiaries years ago and, with the passage of time, things may have changed. For others of us, we may have put off making that decision and have not specified a beneficiary.

 If there is no valid beneficiary designation on record upon your death, your surviving spouse (if you are married) will automatically be your beneficiary. If you do not have a surviving spouse, then your estate will automatically be your beneficiary. For Plan purposes, the term “spouse” means the person to whom you are legally married, as recognized for federal tax purposes pursuant to applicable Internal Revenue Service guidance To designate a beneficiary, access your United 401(k) account through Flying Together>Employee Services>Retirement Savings or www.401k.com and select the Profile link.

 If you have additional questions, please take a few minutes to call Fidelity Investments and take advantage of their expertise in helping us plan our future.

Spring 2018 Regular United MEC Meeting & AFA BOD Meeting in Atlantic City, NJ - April 7-12, 2018

 The Spring 2018 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council will be conducted in Atlantic City, NJ in conjunction with the 46th annual AFA Board of Directors Meeting at Harrah’s Hotel.

 The United MEC will be in session on the dates both sides of the AFA BOD meeting. The AFA BOD meeting is scheduled April 9-11, 2018. The United MEC will meeting April 7 & 8, 2018, recess for the AFA BOD meeting April 9-11, 2018 and will reconvene on April 12, 2018 to complete its business.

 The BOD shall take action on annual international programs to reaffirm and/or establish priorities and strategies for the upcoming year, including determination of the annual budget. The AFA BOD oversees all Union activities.

 Additionally, at this year’s BOD meeting, the Local Council Presidents of each Local AFA Council will elect the International Officers - the International President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer; who will then serve a full-time four-year term commencing June 1st, 2018. The International Officers administer Union operations in accordance with our Constitution and Bylaws, and at the direction of the BOD.

 We encourage Members to see our democratic process in action by attending your Local Council meetings and, if you are in the Atlantic City during the meetings, you are encouraged to attend. The schedule for your Local Council meeting will be posted on unitedafa.org once that information is finalized.

Downline Check-in at a Non-Base Location 
JCBA Section 3.I.12.b.

 Section 3.I.12 of our JCBA was implemented in 2017 and provides Flight Attendants on trip pairings where the initial segment is a deadhead to a non-Base location the opportunity, with prior approval from Crew Scheduling, to elect to check-in at the deadhead destination which will be her/his new point of origin. Flight Attendants who wish to utilize this provision of their contract must adhere to the following stipulations:

  •  Flight Attendants must call to request to check-in downline with Crew Scheduling a minimum of four (4) hours prior to the deadhead departure time. Note: Crew Scheduling may waive this time requirement at their discretion
  •  Flight Attendants are required to check-in no later than the scheduled check-in time for the original deadhead segment.
  •  During such check-in the Flight Attendant must confirm that she/he is already at the deadhead destination and available to operate the outbound flight.

 Additionally, Flight Attendants exercising this election shall be responsible for her/his own transportation to the new point of origin She/he will also be responsible for providing Crew Scheduling with a contact number for use in the event of reassignment.

 A Flight Attendant electing to check-in downline who complies with these requirements shall receive her/his regular pay for the scheduled deadhead segment as provided for in Section 3.I.1. of the JCBA.

 If you have any questions or are unclear about any of these requirements, we recommend that you contact your Local Council office.

Reports and Forms

 One of the best ways Flight Attendants can address an issue on the line is to file a report. When an incident occurs, when something isn’t functioning adequately, or when there is a safety or health concern, it is imperative that Flight Attendants take the time to report the occurrence by filing a report. Consequently, if you don’t report it, it will not be recognized as a problem and will remain unaddressed.

 To submit reports, visit the United MEC Website’s Reports and Feedback Forms page, where you will find the following on-line reports feedback tools:

 Local Council Work Sheet - You may initiate the Dispute Resolution Process by filing a worksheet with your Local Council and must do so within 60 calendar days after reasonably having knowledge of the dispute. Your Local Council leadership reviews and evaluates every worksheet.

 Hotel & Transportation Reports:
While the pre-merger reporting methodologies are different, it is no less important, regardless of the method used, that these issues be reported.  Only through these reporting methods is the Union made aware of unique issues with layover hotels & transportation. We recommend that you review our suggestions on How to write an effective TVLLOG/Hotel Report to ensure you include all the information necessary to effectively address any issues.

 Pre-Merger CAL/CMI - Submit a Hotel Report, to provide the Union with specific issues related to hotel & transportation issues.

 Pre-Merger UAL - Submit a TVLLOG, TVLLOG is a Contractual permanent corporate database created to document and track hotel and transportation compliments and complaints. The information is stored in a shared database available to the Union and the company. TVLLOG is the exclusive method for pmUA Fllight Attendants by which hotel & transportation issues are to be reported. (You will be re-directed to the company's website to access Unimatic.  TVLLOG can only be submitted via Unimatic.)

 General Incident Report - Use this report to submit issues and questions about issues such as Occupational, Reserve, Leave of Absence, etc.

 AFA Safety Incident Feedback - Use this form to notify your Local Council about a safety incident onboard or off the aircraft.

 ASRS, IOR, and other Safety Reports - Use these forms to report safety incidents to United, as well as AFA International.

 Uniform Reports - To report any uniform issues, please contact uniforms@unitedafa.org.

 Marginal Service Report - Our Contract contains provisions that empower the Union to address any staffing issue that creates a marginal service condition such as not being able to complete our standard practice work assignments within the allotted times.

 If you have any questions about filing a report contact your Local Council Office.

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