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Reports and Forms

Date: February 27, 2018


One of the best ways Flight Attendants can address an issue on the line is to file a report. When an incident occurs, when something isn’t functioning adequately, or when there is a safety or health concern, it is imperative that Flight Attendants take the time to report the occurrence by filing a report. Consequently, if you don’t report it, it will not be recognized as a problem and will remain unaddressed.

To submit reports, visit the United MEC Website’s Reports and Feedback Forms page, where you will find the following on-line reports feedback tools:

Local Council Work Sheet - You may initiate the Dispute Resolution Process by filing a worksheet with your Local Council and must do so within 60 calendar days after reasonably having knowledge of the dispute. Your Local Council leadership reviews and evaluates every worksheet.

Hotel & Transportation Reports:
While the pre-merger reporting methodologies are different, it is no less important, regardless of the method used, that these issues be reported.  Only through these reporting methods is the Union made aware of unique issues with layover hotels & transportation. We recommend that you review our suggestions on How to write an effective TVLLOG/Hotel Report to ensure you include all the information necessary to effectively address any issues.

Pre-Merger CAL/CMI - Submit a Hotel Report, to provide the Union with specific issues related to hotel & transportation issues.

Pre-Merger UAL - Submit a TVLLOG, TVLLOG is a Contractual permanent corporate database created to document and track hotel and transportation compliments and complaints. The information is stored in a shared database available to the Union and the company. TVLLOG is the exclusive method for pmUA Fllight Attendants by which hotel & transportation issues are to be reported. (You will be re-directed to the company's website to access Unimatic.  TVLLOG can only be submitted via Unimatic.)

General Incident Report - Use this report to submit issues and questions about issues such as Occupational, Reserve, Leave of Absence, etc.

AFA Safety Incident Feedback - Use this form to notify your Local Council about a safety incident onboard or off the aircraft.

ASRS, IOR, and other Safety Reports - Use these forms to report safety incidents to United, as well as AFA International.

Uniform Reports - To report any uniform issues, please contact uniforms@unitedafa.org.

Marginal Service Report - Our Contract contains provisions that empower the Union to address any staffing issue that creates a marginal service condition such as not being able to complete our standard practice work assignments within the allotted times.

If you have any questions about filing a report contact your Local Council Office.

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