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Combined Base/Domicile Seniority Lists Now Available for Viewing

Date: March 2, 2018

Joint Implementation Committee

The semi-annual system seniority list was published on January 23, 2018. Any challenges for alleged errors or omissions affecting seniority needed to have been filed by Flight Attendants within 30 days of publication of that list with the exception of those on vacation, leave of absence, sick leave or furlough. 

In order to provide you a better perspective of your individual ranking within your base, additional base-specific or domicile combined seniority lists have been created. These lists provide a preview of your current ranking within your base as we move toward a common scheduling platform.  The respective base seniority lists are now available on Flying Together > Inflight Services > Bases (click on your base) > Combined Seniority List.

Below is additional information on how information is displayed on these lists.

  1. These lists were created using data available for the February 2018 bid month, and will change as Flight Attendants transfer to other locations, retire, resign or as new Flight Attendants are hired, etc.
  2. The following fields are included in the seniority lists:

a.     Sys. Sen. – Your overall system seniority among all Flight Attendants

b.     Loc. Sen. – Your local seniority within your base

c.     Relative Language Seniority – Current language qualifications are listed in a separate column. Flight Attendants qualified in one or more of these languages will have a number displayed in the column to represent their relative seniority for the designated language within their base. The most senior Flight Attendant holding language qualification in the base will be listed as number 1. For example, if you see a number 5 next to your name in the GER column, this means you are the 5th most senior Flight Attendant in your base who is qualified in German. Identifying a Flight Attendant with a specific language qualification, in a specific base, does not indicate language flying will be assigned to that base, only that there are language qualified Flight Attendants in the base.

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