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AFA Works for You!

Date: March 6, 2018

MEC Communications Committee

In continuation of our educational series on the roles and work of the various MEC Committees, this week we focus on the important work of our Grievance Committee.

The primary objective of the MEC Grievance Committee is the enforcement of our Contracts, protecting all Flight Attendants against arbitrary, unjust disciplinary action while ensuring consistent application of company policy.  Members of the MEC Grievance Committee have extensive experience and training intended to expand their individual knowledge base in understanding the various provisions.

The MEC Chairperson coordinates the processing of MEC Grievances, working directly with AFA-CWA Staff Attorneys and Local Council Presidents to ensure the individual and collective rights of our Members are protected. The entire Grievance Committee works with Local Grievance representatives to secure the best possible outcome for all Flight Attendants in the arbitration of their Grievances.

Flight Attendants who believe their contractual rights have been violated should begin the dispute process at the Local Council level by first filing a Local Council worksheet. This must be accomplished within 60 calendar days after the Flight Attendant would reasonably have knowledge of the dispute. The local AFA Grievance Committee will review and evaluate every worksheet and determine if the concern has merit. If the complaint does have merit and cannot be resolved through discussion with management, a Notice of Dispute (NOD) is filed. If it does not, the Flight Attendant will be provided with an explanation of why the issue is not a violation of the Contract and the issue will not be brought forward.

For complete details on the Grievance process, visit unitedafa.org where you will find the Flight Attendant Dispute Resolution Guide.

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