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E-Lines: March 10, 2018

Date: March 9, 2018

IMPORTANT! - Daylight Savings Time Change is Sunday, March 11, 2018

This Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 2:00AM the change to daylight savings time will occur. “Spring Ahead” one hour which, for those working, will result in a one hour shorter layover and for all of us, one less hour of sleep that night. Saturday night before you go to sleep, be sure to set your clock ahead one hour to recognize the change to Daylight Savings Time. Spring ahead!

Update - Operations Incentive Bonus for Q1 of 2018 

Following the events of this past week regarding the proposed changes to the Operations Incentive Bonus, Oscar and Scott provided employees with an update. Acknowledging that it is going to take some time to gather feedback from employees, the plan is to reconsider our program with an eye toward our continued, collective success.

Starting next week, management will begin a series of listening sessions across the system with employees and leaders, working to obtain feedback and ideas on the structure of a new program that has the confidence of employees across the company and sets our company up for success.

Recognizing that the first quarter is coming to an end, Oscar and Scott have made a commitment to maintain the same criteria for the quarterly operations incentive program as in the past for the first quarter of 2018. Details of quarterly incentive program can be found on the company’s website.

A new plan as soon will be introduced after taking the time necessary to ensure it’s the right decision for the ultimate success of our company. Your AFA leadership will engage as necessary to ensure that your interests are properly advanced.

JCBA Roadshows - Meet with Ken Diaz, AFA MEC President and John Slater, VP Inflight Services - Operations 

 As we move forward toward that all important October 1st implementation date, United AFA MEC President, Ken Diaz and Inflight Services Vice President of Operations, John Slater, will take to the road and travel across the system to meet with Flight Attendants to listen to their concerns and answer questions relating to the implementation of our Joint Contract.

The next round of meetings will be conducted in domiciles based on the following schedule:



Meeting Time

Time of Day

March 15


9:00am to 12 noon

Morning Meeting

March 15


5:00pm to 8:00pm

Evening Meeting

March 16


8:00am to 12 noon

Morning Meeting

March 30


8:00am to 12 noon

Morning Meeting

These roadshow events will be held in a casual group setting that will encourage open dialogue, facilitate conversation and create yet another opportunity for Flight Attendants to receive information directly from company and Union leadership. Additional road shows will be announced as details are finalized

No Partnerships Will be Awarded for 2018
JCBA Section 16.A.2.a

Section 16.A.2.a. of the JCBA, which was implemented in February of 2017, provides for the annual Partnership Program. 

The Annual Partnership Program covers a twelve (12) bid month period. The availability of annual partnerships is determined by the Company’s Flight Attendant staffing needs based upon qualifications at a Base. When offered, annual partnerships shall begin in May of each year, unless changed by mutual agreement of the Company and the Union

Due to anticipated staffing needs during the peak summer flying period, there will be no Partnership Program for 2018.

May Offering - One Month COLAs & Jobshares

One month COLAs and JobShares may be offered for the May 2018 bid month. Interested Flight Attendants should submit a request via CCS no later than March 20, 2018, 10 am, home domicile time. Medical benefits at active employee rates are NOT included in this one-month COLA offering for May. Flight Attendants awarded this one-month COLA are not required to fly April carryover trips. 

For additional information on COLAs, reference Sections 15.B. & 15.N. of our JCBA and Section 16 for the provisions of the Jobshare program.

2018 MEC Grievance Training Concludes in Chicago 

This week, the United Master Executive Council (MEC) Grievance Committee

conducted their annual Grievance Training in Chicago. Attending the two-day training were 46 of our flying partners from Local Councils across the system. These volunteers reviewed the Grievance Committee responsibilities and the proper processes’ of the entire Grievance system.

We recognize, congratulate and welcome the volunteers who have stepped forward to do this important work on behalf of all Flight Attendants.

International Women’s Day - Honoring Extraordinary Leaders

Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day as we honored the extraordinary women throughout history who have contributed to the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Through these dedicated efforts our world is a better place for all of us to live.

There is no better example of these extraordinary women leaders than the Women Founders of our Union. These brave Women selflessly risked their livelihood and worked tirelessly to establish the foundation of what is now today's AFA. Standing together against discrimination of all kinds age, race, weight, marital status, having children, and sexual orientation, these women worked to advance our individual and collective rights and have given us a recognizable voice in our workplace. And these women succeeded and have set powerful examples of what can be accomplished through their contributions to our profession and our world community.

Our Union and its democratic structure has succeeded as the result of hard fought struggles. All of us today owe a debt of gratitude not only to the woman founders of our Union but to the dedicated women who continue to ensure we have a voice in determining our collective future.

Today we proudly honor these women leaders of our Union and all women that have accepted the challenge of standing together for the values on which our Union was founded. We are all better for their contributions and grateful for their dedication.


Association of Flight Attendants Scholarship Fund – Application Deadline April 30, 2018

The Association of Flight Attendants Scholarship Fund is intended to provide financial assistance to dependents of our active Members who will be attending a college or university.  The scholarship was founded by Dee Maki.  She started the scholarship trust for the dependents of active Members who do not have the opportunity for higher education.

If you would like to apply for this scholarship please visit the AFA International Website Scholarship page http://www.afacwa.org/scholarships.  This page also includes details on the scholarship fund as well as the guidelines and application requirements. The deadline for applications is April 10, 2018.

Joe Beirne Scholarship Program – Deadline April 30th

The Joe Beirne Scholarship Program was established in October 1974 by Communications Workers of America (CWA) Executive Board in the memory of Joe Beirne who took great pride in fighting for education and learning.

Additional information and details may be found on the AFA International Office website at afacwa.org


Reminders and Quick Links

March 11  Time Change to Daylight Savings Time
March 15  ORD Implementation Road Show 9am – Noon
March 15   IAD   Implementation Road Show  5pm – 8pm
March 16   EWR Implementation Road Show  8am - Noon
March 16  Tumi® Luggage Launch Date
March 17   Happy St. Patricks’ Day!
March 30   IAH Implementation Road Show 8am - Noon    

April 10      Deadline to apply -Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Scholarship Fund




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