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AFA Works for You! - MEC Hotel & Transportation Committee

Date: March 13, 2018

MEC Hotel & Transportation Committee

As a continuation of our educational series on the roles and work of the various MEC Committees, this week we focus on the important work of our Hotel & Transportation Committee.

The primary objective of the MEC Hotel & Transportation Committee is to oversee the selection of hotels and ensure the negotiated standards set forth in the JCBA provide safe, clean and quiet lodging with food availability for Flight Attendants on layover.

The MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee Members follow an objective inspection process when selecting hotels or renewing hotel contracts. Hotel Standards for Flight Attendants are clearly spelled out in our JCBA, LOA 17 (page 330-333). Hotels inspected are selected through a Request for Proposal process where company representatives ask hotels in any given city to respond to a request from the company to lodge Flight Attendants for layovers. Not every hotel in every city is interested in crew business for various reasons. The reasons can include our flight arrival and departure patterns which might drive the need for additional hotel personnel to prepare rooms to support our arrival. Other reasons can include the number of rooms needed or other factors such as conventions or other anticipated business that might preclude the hotel for consistently meeting the number of hotel rooms needed each night. It might surprise you to learn that in one city the need for Flight Attendants each night exceeds 100 rooms!

As part of the Hotel Committee’s responsibility to enforce our JCBA, each month the Members of the Hotel & Transportation Committee participate in a conference call with management representatives to discuss issues that might otherwise compromise the provisions of our Contract.

Flight Attendants play a critical role in keeping the Hotel and Transportation Committee informed by filing reports on any issues they encounter with a contracted hotel. Reports may be filed on-line by utilizing the following procedures:

Pre-merger UA: Submit a TVLLOG via Unimatic
TVLLOG is a Contractual corporate database created to document and track hotel and transportation compliments and complaints. The information is stored in a shared database available to the Union and the company. TVLLOG is the exclusive method by which these hotel & transportation issues are to be reported. Review our suggestions on How to write an effective TVLLOGYou will be re-directed to the company's website to access Unimatic.

Pre-Merger CAL and CMI: Submit a Hotel Report
Use this report to write up issues about hotels and transportation vendors.

We all have a shared role in Contract enforcement. You play a critical role in reporting issues of concern that will support the Committee in their efforts to enforce the Agreement. If you have questions, please contact your Local Council Hotel & Transportation Committee for assistance.

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