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AFA Works for You! - Membership Engagement

Date: March 20, 2018

Membership Engagement Committee

As a continuation of our educational series on the roles and work of the various MEC Committees, this week we focus on the important, ongoing work of our various Membership Engagement Committees at both the Local and MEC levels of our Union.

These Committees are responsible for the systematic engagement of AFA-CWA Members on an ongoing basis. This work is necessary in order to achieve a vital connection establishing two-way communication between AFA-CWA Members and AFA-CWA Leadership.

Membership Engagement begins within the Local Council where Members form professional relationships with their Local Council leaders and other Local Council Committee volunteers. Through these connections, Members learn not only about our Union and our profession, but also about each other and the value of connection in a Union work environment. If’s where Union family bonds that last a career are formed.

Volunteers on these Committees are tasked with encouraging a high level of participation from the AFA-CWA Membership to build Solidarity - the foundation of our power to support all Union efforts to defend and enhance the Flight Attendant profession. Membership engagement is the key to a stronger Union, collective action enhances our goals and helps to achieve our common objectives within our Union family and in connection with other Unions.

With our Joint implementation date set for October 1, 2018, now is the time for all AFA Members to become engaged in their collective future. While we continue to fly under separate contracts for scheduling purposes, we are united under a single contract in many vital areas - Grievance, Benefits, Compensation, Vacation, Uniforms and so much more.

Together we share a common objective. That is, uniting as one family with a shared sense of values and purpose. If you would like to be a part of this very important Committee, contact your Local Council about possible volunteer opportunities.

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