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Requesting Holding Pay

Date: March 27, 2018

In recent days Flight Attendants have been inquiring about the process of filing a pay claim for holding time. Holding time is outlined in Section 6.N. of our JCBA and provides for ½ credit for pay purposes, including premium and language pay, when applicable on an actual minute basis for all holding time, in excess of thirty minutes beyond scheduled ground time or block arrival time.  Holding pay is paid in addition to all other compensation.

While holding time has not yet been implemented, Flight Attendants should continue to submit holding pay in the following manner.

pmCAL: Flight Attendants filing a pay claim for holding pay will need to submit their request via United Service Anywhere (USAW) using the “Offering” tile. 

To submit a claim: 

1   Login into USAW (https://ess-usaw.ual.com/)    

2   Select the Payroll Services tile.

3   Select Offerings.

4   Follow the “Crew Pay sCO Holding Pay” link.

Holding Pay request forms, previously available through Flying Together, are no longer available and referencing the page will redirect you to USAW to submit any request. The status of all holding pay requests will be sent to you at your corporate united.com email address. 

pmUAL: Currently there are no changes to the process, of submitting requests for holding pay for pre-merger-UA Flight Attendants. All requests will continue to be process in Unimatic using the DSPFAC entry.  Contact your Local Council if you have questions.

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