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Flight Service Leader Requirements by Base Announced

Date: April 4, 2018

Section 9 of the JCBA provides for Special Qualification Flight Attendants, specifically Flight Service Leaders (FSLs) to provide onboard leadership responsibilities on certain flights. JCBA LOA 16 provides direction on how the transition to the FSL program will occur. The following are the base requirements for the Flight Service Leaders (FSLs) for October 1, 2018:

FSL requirements by base 

The number of FSLs required, both lineholders and reserves, are listed below and based on the current outlook for October 2018*.

Initial FSL vacancies will be filled in seniority order by eligible FSL qualified flight attendants in the base location.

Eligible FSL qualified flight attendants shall not be required to interview for the program and there shall be no period of probation.

The twelve (12) month requirement to remain in the FSL program set forth in Section 9.D.4.b. shall begin on the date the eligible FSL Qualified flight attendant enters the FSL program on October 1 or when the Flight Attendant enters the FSL program.

FSL requirements by base are determined based on the following considerations:

Lineholder Positions, including Vacation Relief, based on Assigned Flying at the location

The above chart outlines the October FSL requirement for each location. It is anticipated that the number of FSLs required to cover the assigned flying will vary seasonally. For example, as we transition into the winter schedule during the November bid month where the assigned flying is traditionally reduced through the discontinuation of seasonal flying, the FSL population will be adjusted down through normal time-off options, vacation and an increase in the number of Opt Out awards.

Opt Out requirements by location

Opt Out awards will start with the first bid month of the FSL program.

At least two percent (2%) of the FSL base will be offered Opt Out each bid month. 

The Opt Out requirements that will provide FSLs with the ability to bid non-FSL lines throughout the year have also been considered and included in the table above.

As the amount of international flying shifts throughout the year, the Opt Out program will be utilized as necessary to manage/reduce the number of active FSL participants. This will provide management with the ability to correlate the number of FSLs required and to minimize the number of FSL Reserves in those bid months where there is a decrease in the FSL requirement.

Reserve requirement by location

In determining the reserve requirement for each location, a variety of available data was used in making this determination.  For example, at EWR and IAH, the pmCO International Service Manager (ISM) reserve line data was used and an assessment of the pmUA reserve line data was factored in to project the number of FSLs reserves required. Conversely, at locations such as FRA, NRT, HKG or LHR, historical reserve line data from these locations was used in determining the requirement.

For those not awarded in the first round FSL awards, what’s next?

Eligible FSL qualified flight attendants as determined in accordance with LOA 16 who bid but are not included in the first round FSL awards will be placed on a two year “priority period” waitlist in their base starting October 1, 2018. During this two year period, when an opening becomes available at their base, these flight attendants will be activated to become FSLs in seniority order provided she/he completes all required training to maintain her/his FSL qualification.

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