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E-Lines: April 13, 2018

Date: April 13, 2018

Welcome New Hire Class 1801

Today we welcome the 60 graduating Members of class 1801 to the line. Our newest flying partners will be reporting to their respective bases at DEN and SFO on April 20, 2018, for orientation and will be available to fly on April 22, 2018. Please join us in welcoming the newest Members of our Flight Attendant community.

JCBA Implementation Roadshow Meet with Ken Diaz and John Slater, April 19 in EWR

As we move forward toward that all important October 1st implementation date, United AFA MEC President, Ken Diaz and Inflight Services Vice President of Operations, John Slater, have taken to traveling across the system to meet with Members, to listen to their concerns and to answer questions relating to the implementation of our Joint Contract. 

The next scheduled meeting will be conducted in Newark:


 April 19, 2018Newark Inflight  3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

These roadshow events will be held in a casual group setting that will encourage open dialogue, facilitate conversation and create yet another opportunity for Members to receive information directly from company and Union leadership. 

 United AFA Annual Spring Meeting Concludes in Atlantic City, NJ  

The Spring 2018 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) concluded on April 12, 2018, at Harrah’s Atlantic City, NJ. Your Local Council President, was joined by the 15 other Local Presidents from around our system. The United MEC Officers, along with Members of the JIT, MEC EAP / Professional Standards, Central Scheduling Committee, and the MEC Grievance Committee presented their annual in person reports.

The business of our Union and issues that are important to you were addressed during the meeting and the summaries for each day of this meeting will be posted on the United MEC website


In addition, the United Master Executive Council conducted elections for several MEC Committees and one MEC Committee Chairperson. The MEC conducted an extensive interview process with the candidates in attendance which resulted in the following Members being elected or re-elected to these positions in our Union:

Central Schedule Committee Members
The United Master Executive Council elected Sandy Travis – HKG Council 26 and Shaun Christopher Washington – EWR Council 6 as Members of the Master Executive Council (MEC) Central Schedule Committee. Their term of office beginsJuly 1, 2018 and run through June 30, 2020.

Hotel and Transportation Committee Members
The United Master Executive Council elected Aubrey (Trey) Lee Carr lll, EWR Council 6 and Estelle Comboni – EWR Council 6 (MEC) Hotel and Transportation Committee Member. Their term of office beginsJuly 1, 2018 and run through June 30, 2020.


Safety Health and Security Chairperson
The United Master Executive Council (MEC) elected Sheryl Stroup – LAX Council 12 as Chairperson of the Safety Health and Security Committee. The term begins immediately and runs through June 30, 2020.


System Board of Adjustment Member 
The United Master Executive Council elected Maria Torre – FRA Council 20

System Board of Adjustment Member. The term of office beginsAugust 1, 2018 and run through July 31, 2020.


System Board of Adjustment Second Alternate

The United Master Executive Council elected Cheryl Burns – DCA Council 21 System Board of Adjustment – Second Alternate. The term of office beginsAugust 1, 2018 and run through July 31, 2020.

Congratulations to all!


AFA & ALPA Professional Standards Launch "Union First" Campaign on April 15  

As an AFA member, you have access to the AFA Employee Assistance/Professional Standards (EAP/PS) Committee which serves as an alternative pathway to addressing co-worker conflicts without management involvement. 

If you have an interpersonal issue on a trip with a flying partner, remember to "Contact your Union First.” AFA EAP/PS has a great working relationship with ALPA Professional Standards Committee Members to help address areas of professional disagreement that arise between Flight Attendants and Pilots.

AFA and ALPA Professional Standards Committees will be issuing luggage tags with the "UNION FIRST" logo. Professional Standards members are trained in conflict resolution, can offer a third-party perspective, and support behavior change through awareness. In fact, contacting your Professional Standards Committee often facilitates a quick resolution to most issues. This luggage tag is intended to remind all of us of the successful work of our respective Professional Standards resources.  These tags will have information on how to utilize the Professional Standards resource.

If you are flying a pairing/ID and you find yourself experiencing difficulty working with fellow crew members (Pilot or Flight Attendant), please contact a Professional Standards Committee member immediately. History has shown that involving the Committee immediately has helped many Flight Attendants and Pilots resolve their differences with maximum control over the outcome. When conflicts are reported to management and an investigation ensues, it does not always proceed as the complainant believes it will.  The Committee has repeatedly seen that management settles these disputes to their satisfaction, and unfortunately, to the dissatisfaction of the employees involved.

Additional information or to file on-line confidential contact form visit unitedafa.org


 Incentive Pay Clarification

Implemented in the fourth quarter of 2016, Flight Attendants will be paid incentive pay on a calendar quarter bases. Section 4.B.1 of your JCBA states that Flight Attendants will be paid the following incentive pay rates for all block hours flown in excess of two hundred hours (200:00) per calendar quarter, including vacation and deadhead, to a maximum of three hundred and thirty hours (330:00), except that no incentive pay will apply for block hours flown in excess of one hundred and ten (110:00) hours in a bid month 

Incentive payments for the first quarter of 2018 should appear on your April, 2018 pay advice, listed as incentive. To keep track and view your incentive pay quarters follow the information below:


For additional information contact your Local Council Office.


Premium Galley Position on 777 G & M – European Flights


With the recent introduction of the high density 777 G & M aircraft in the European markets, this aircraft which holds 28 seats in the Business First Cabin requires a bid premium galley position.


The aircraft has been introduced in the EWR DUB market and will continue to fly this market into May.  

We are, however, learning this was not initially included in the EWR bid package.  As of this afternoon, the EWR May 2018 Bid Package has been revised to include the updated matrix and notice that this premium position will be available for bid.


June Offering - One Month COLAs & Jobshares

One month COLAs and JobShares are being offered for the June 2018 bid month. Interested Flight Attendants should submit a request via CCS no later than April 20, 2018, 10:00 AM, home domicile time. Medical benefits at active employee rates are NOT included in this one-month COLA offering for June. Flight Attendants awarded this one-month COLA will not be required to fly May carryover trips. 


For additional information on COLAs, reference Sections 15.B. & 15.N. of our JCBA and Section 16 for the provisions of the Jobshare program.


KCM Is a Privilege, Spread the Word!

The continued success of the KCM program depends heavily upon all Crew Members demonstrating that they can be trusted to comply with all related requirements. In recent weeks, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has brought to our attention a number of violations of the KCM requirements. We must be aware and ever vigilant that such conduct can jeopardize the privilege that Flight Attendants enjoy by participating in the program and consequently, the entire Known Crew Member (KCM) program.

Therefore, we urge Flight Attendants to review the following program 
 rules upon which our continued access to these dedicated security portals rely. Details of the KCM policy may be found in the E-lines publication dated April 4, 2018 and on the TSA website.


 Fight for 10 in New Bi-Partisan House FAA Bill   

Great news! Today, the bi-partisan leaders of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee introduced the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 (H.R. 4), a five-year bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The bill includes our 10 hours minimum rest and Fatigue Risk Management Plan! It also has key U.S. aviation job protections, a study on the safety impact of shrinking seat pitch, cabin evacuation standards, no voice calls on planes, cockpit secondary barriers, and nursing facilities in airports.

The bill was introduced by the entire bipartisan leadership of the Committee and its six subcommittees, including Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA), Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Ranking Member Peter DeFazio (D-OR), Aviation Subcommittee Chairman Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ), and Aviation Subcommittee Ranking Member Rick Larsen (D-WA).

Remember that Chairman Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ) was honored at our AFA Board meeting that took place in his district this week. 

We will all need to step up our calls to the House of Representatives next week in advance of a vote on the House floor. Watch for an email telling you how to TAKE ACTION for our Fight for 10 and protection of our jobs. Flight Attendants need 10 hours non-reducible rest and not a minute less! 

Reminders and Quick Links

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