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CNA Long Term Care – CNA Discontinues Payroll Deduction Option

Date: April 27, 2018

Without notice to the Union, it appears that CNA has discontinued the Payroll Deduction option for Long Term Care across all of their lines of business.

When our MEC Benefits Committee began receiving inquiries from the Membership, thinking this was United initiated, we reached out to the company to remind management of their obligation under the provisions of Section 29.G.4 – “The Company will continue to offer payroll deduction for the grandfathered voluntary long-term care insurance currently insured by CAN.”

Management indicated they were also surprised by this CNA initiated cancellation of the payroll deduction option and has stated clearly that this discontinuation was not requested by United Airlines management.

In discussions today with CNA and in direct response to the Union’s advocacy for CNA to maintain the payroll deduction option, especially because of the logistics of getting these notices and payment between international locations, we learned the following information.

1.   It is not contemplated that CNA will reverse this decision.
2.  There is no e-mail option for direct bill notices (an option we sought for those living outside the 48 United States.)
3.  There is no online account access.
4.  There are no plans to set up for online access.

 As a result of this change, CNA will be converting all accounts previously on payroll deduction status to a monthly direct bill status. In place of payroll deduction, all employees with CNA long term care coverage will have the following options:

1.   Premiums can be paid monthly via check or money order.
2.   Premiums can be paid monthly via an EFT draft directly from the individual’s personal account.
3.   Premiums can be paid monthly by bill pay – where the employee provides direction to her/his financial institution to issue a monthly payment directly to CNA from her/his personal checking account.
4.  There is NO option for payment by credit or debit card.

We have confirmed that CNA had discontinued this payroll option with all companies, across all lines of business having employees who purchase Long Term Care Insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance is a valuable financial instrument intended to provide an additional level of security for our Members in their later years. It is truly disappointing that CNA has elected not to support this line of business. However, because of the value this coverage provides those in their advancing years, we should be encouraging our Members to establish a direct pay, either EFT transaction or Bill pay through their financial organization. By doing so, this ensures the continued direct and reliable payment of premium to ensure continued coverage.

If you have additional questions on your options, please contact CNA directly at 800 262 4580 for assistance.

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