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Holiday Pay (including Birthday Holiday) Parameters Should Your Trip Cancel

Date: May 1, 2018

Questions regarding how holiday pay, including a birthday holiday, is paid when a flight you are assigned to work cancels on the holiday have been circulating and there has been some misinformation that needs to be addressed.

A Lineholder or Reserve Flight Attendant who reports for duty on a holiday and whose trip subsequently cancels with no reassignment being made involving that day, will receive holiday pay based on the number of hours from report to release or a minimum of two (2) hours pay. This equates to double time pay for the time on duty and applies to all contractual holidays. Additionally, when a birthday holiday falls on any other holiday, a Flight Attendant will receive pay for both holidays with pay calculated in the same manner.

In an instance where a flight cancels and the Flight Attendants are released from duty, there is no flight time in the duty period to generate an automatic pay file.  Under these circumstances, a Flight Attendant working under the pmCAL Contract must submit a pay claim to the Company for this holiday pay and any additional pay factors pertinent to the activity of the duty period involving the cancelled flight. pmUAL Flight Attendants must complete a paper or electronic FAC outlining the details of the irregularity and to request the applicable holiday pay. 

Additional information may be found in our JCBA Sections 2.Q. and 5.L. for additional information.

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