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Clarification of Deadhead Information from April 27, 2018 E-lines

Date: May 4, 2018

JCBA Section 3.I.7.8

In our Deadhead article from our April 27, 2018 edition of E-lines, as presented the information may have created some misunderstanding that we need to clear up. As presented, the article may have created the perception for some Flight Attendants that this provision of the Contract had been implemented. This is not the case. Upon implementation of the JCBA scheduling provisions, for pre-merger CAL & CMI Flight Attendants, deadheading is part of the Flight Attendant’s duty period, is paid at full pay and flight time credit, constructed to provide the Flight Attendant with the earliest scheduled arrival time and may only be required by air on U.S. carriers operating under FAR part 135 or foreign air carriers who are part of IATA or, with the Flight Attendant’s concurrence, comparable air carriers such as Lear Jet operators.

Reservations must be booked for on-line (in revenue seats over which the company has control) scheduled deadhead with a must ride status. First class accommodations, in accordance with the company’s non-revenue travel policy, will be provided. Flight Attendants will be booked in business class on three class aircraft. If not available, Flight Attendants will be booked in premium economy. Seating will be assigned first in aisle seats, window seats, and only if neither is available, in any other available seats.

At the point of implementation, Deadheading Flight Attendants will be boarded and upgraded to premium cabins based on Company Pass Travel Seniority without regard to pre-merger airline affiliation.

Additional information may be found in JCBA Section 3.I.7.8.

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