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E-Lines: May 04, 2018

Date: May 4, 2018

Welcome Class 1804!

MEC Communications Committee

Today we welcome the 57 graduating Members of class 1804 to the line. Our newest flying partners will be reporting to their base at EWR on May 11, 2018, for orientation and will be available to fly on May 13, 2018. Please join us in welcoming the newest Members of our Flight Attendant community.








Clarification of Deadhead Information from April 27, 2018 E-lines

JCBA Section 3.I.7.8

In our Deadhead article from our April 27, 2018 edition of E-lines, as presented the information may have created some misunderstanding that we need to clear up. As presented, the article may have created the perception for some Flight Attendants that this provision of the Contract had been implemented. This is not the case. Upon implementation of the JCBA scheduling provisions, for pre-merger CAL & CMI Flight Attendants, deadheading is part of the Flight Attendant’s duty period, is paid at full pay and flight time credit, constructed to provide the Flight Attendant with the earliest scheduled arrival time and may only be required by air on U.S. carriers operating under FAR part 135 or foreign air carriers who are part of IATA or, with the Flight Attendant’s concurrence, comparable air carriers such as Lear Jet operators.

Reservations must be booked for on-line (in revenue seats over which the company has control) scheduled deadhead with a must ride status. First class accommodations, in accordance with the company’s non-revenue travel policy, will be provided. Flight Attendants will be booked in business class on three class aircraft. If not available, Flight Attendants will be booked in premium economy. Seating will be assigned first in aisle seats, window seats, and only if neither is available, in any other available seats.

At the point of implementation, Deadheading Flight Attendants will be boarded and upgraded to premium cabins based on Company Pass Travel Seniority without regard to pre-merger airline affiliation.

Additional information may be found in JCBA Section 3.I.7.8.

 Telephone Availability While on Reserve – May 2, 2018 ISW Publication

The May 2, 2018, ISW article addressing calls from Crew Scheduling to Reserves is perhaps being misunderstood by some Flight Attendants.  The May 2nd article provided notice to Flight Attendants there may be isolated instances where the company may need to contact Reserves for assignment purposes from other than the normal Crew Scheduling telephone number.  Flight Attendants, when on Reserve and not on a legal rest period, have an obligation to answer the telephone and respond to voice mails from the company on Reserve availability days.  Flight Attendants are not required to answer the telephone while on legal rest and there was nothing about this advisory that was intended to change that contractual and, in some cases, regulatory reality.


The article is intended to notify Flight Attendants that there may be limited circumstances where the company, as a result of telephone service interruptions, may need to provide you a Reserve assignment by calling from a telephone number other than the traditional Crew Scheduling telephone numbers.  By making you aware these necessary exceptions can occur in the interest of keeping the airline running, the intent was to ensure that the settings on your telephone are managed in such a way that allows you to know of these calls and respond to them appropriately.   You are also reminded of your responsibility to be available for assignment on these days of Reserve availability which includes answering telephone calls and responding to voice messages in a timely fashion.   If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

 Uniform Design Team Meets in San Francisco for an Update

MEC Uniform Committee


As planning for our new Uniforms continues, the Uniform Design Committee consisting of a cross section of employees from the various front-line employee groups met this week in San Francisco to receive an update on the status of the project and to preview some of the uniform pieces that are contemplated to be part of the wear test program.  Wear testing is expected to begin this fall and will involve almost 800 front line employees for a ten week period of time. At that time, the information gathered by the wear testers and the opinions of the employees in each front line group will be compiled and considered in the advancing the process of making final design choices for our new uniforms.  

Proudly Display Your “UNION FIRST” Luggage Tags 
AFA EAP/ Professional Standards & ALPA

The “UNION FIRST” campaign jointly promoted by AFA EAP/ Professional Standards and ALPA is underway. “UNION FIRST” luggage tags are available from your Local Council Professional Standards representatives and Flight Attendants and we strongly encourage these be proudly display as a reminder that interpersonal issues with a flying partner are best addressed through our internal Union Professional Standards. Remember - "Contact your Union First.”

For additional information on this very important issue review E-line publication dated April 18, 2018.

Safeware Link Insurance Expires June 7, Sign-up for 2018-19 Coverage

Beginning May 7 through June 6, 2018, the election period for the 2018 – 2019 Safeware LINK insurance will open. Flight Attendants are required to make a selection as to whether or not they want insurance, by Opting IN that will reduce your exposure to having to pay a $300 replacement fee or Opting OUT of coverage. If Link/sled is lost or stolen the replacement charge will be $300. This charge is waived for the first instance of theft, if a police report is submitted within 10 days.

The cost is $30.oo dollars for the year and coverage includes both the LINK and the sled device. Payment may be made via payroll deduction or credit card. Flight Attendants can make their selection by visiting my.safeware.com/ual


It is important to understand that you must actively opt in.  If you take no action, you will be considered to have opted out of the coverage and will be responsible for the replacement cost of the device.

Note: Flight Attendants deciding to opt in after the election deadline, will need to opt in at their base, where validation of your LINK and sled will be required. The rate will be pro-rated based on the date you make the election.


For additional information see ISW dated, May 2, 2018. 

Support the AFA Disaster Relief Fund this Mother’s Day through Amazon Smile

We celebrate our Mother’s on Sunday, May 13, 2018, the date on which we all celebrate Mother’s Day.  Many of us will be shopping for gifts to honor our Mothers. This is a perfect opportunity to not only recognize our Mothers for their gift of life, it’s also a great opportunity for Flight Attendants looking for the perfect gift to continue our support of the AFA Disaster Relief Program when shopping through Amazon Smile.  When you make purchases through AmazonSmile, Amazon will automatically donate to the DRF each and every time you shop.

To ensure your Mother’s Day purchases are helping other Flight Attendants through the AmazonSmile program:

1.             Go to http://smile.amazon.com/ch/52-2341209

2.             Use your same log- in information as you use for Amazon

3.             Find Mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift and purchase

4.             Bookmark AmazonSmile so you use this instead of the regular Amazon website for future purchases


The AFA Disaster Relief Fund provides a means for AFA Members to assist other Members and retirees who have suffered significant damage to their primary residence and/or faced relocation as a result of a disaster. Since its beginning in the fall of 2001, the AFA Disaster Relief Fund has provided financial support in the aftermath of many large-scale disasters, including the September 11th terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and other natural and/or man-made disasters. This is about Flight Attendants helping Flight Attendants. This Mother's Day don't forget to give a smile by making sure you make your purchases through Amazon Smile.

 Subscribe or Update Your AFA E-Lines Subscription

MEC Communications Committee

As the anticipated October 1st implementation date approaches, it is more important than ever that we make the personal commitment to ourselves to take the time to keep up with and learn about the changes that will affect all of us.

AFA E-Lines is a twice-weekly publication for United Flight Attendants with the latest news and updates pertaining not only to our Contract implementation, but to our profession. If you are not currently receiving E-Lines we encourage you to sign-up today. To subscribe to AFA E-Lines or update your information, visit unitedafa.org.

Your Local Council also produces a Local Council Newsletter specific to your location. The publication timeline at each Local Council varies and we recommend that you contact your Local Council to learn about the schedule by which newsletters are available.

Be sure to review 
AFA’s guidelines on the Union’s use of e-mail addresses.

NOTE: As a reminder we NOT able to accept united.com (corporate) e-mail addresses for our AFA E-lines list nor do we conduct Union business via these company e-mail addresses as communications are not privileged or confidential.

References and Quick Links

May 1               Revision #24 Due

May 11             Last day to Update Link's Operating System to iOS 11.3.1
May 13             Mother’s Day

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