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Telephone Availability While on Reserve – May 2, 2018 ISW Publication

Date: May 4, 2018

The May 2, 2018, ISW article addressing calls from Crew Scheduling to Reserves is perhaps being misunderstood by some Flight Attendants. The May 2nd article provided notice to Flight Attendants there may be isolated instances where the company may need to contact Reserves for assignment purposes from other than the normal Crew Scheduling telephone number.  Flight Attendants, when on Reserve and not on a legal rest period, have an obligation to answer the telephone and respond to voice mails from the company on Reserve availability days.  Flight Attendants are not required to answer the telephone while on legal rest and there was nothing about this advisory that was intended to change that contractual and, in some cases, regulatory reality.


The article is intended to notify Flight Attendants that there may be limited circumstances where the company, as a result of telephone service interruptions, may need to provide you a Reserve assignment by calling from a telephone number other than the traditional Crew Scheduling telephone numbers.  By making you aware these necessary exceptions can occur in the interest of keeping the airline running, the intent was to ensure that the settings on your telephone are managed in such a way that allows you to know of these calls and respond to them appropriately.   You are also reminded of your responsibility to be available for assignment on these days of Reserve availability which includes answering telephone calls and responding to voice messages in a timely fashion.   If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

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