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AFA Works for You!

Date: May 8, 2018

MEC Communication Committee

As a continuation of our educational series on how AFA Works for You!, this week we focus on the AFA-CWA Local Executive Council election processes. Elections are important because Members determine the representatives for their Local Council that will support every Member in the Local Council. Local Executive Council (LEC) Presidents are Members of AFA's governing Board of Directors (BOD). As such, these same leaders elect International AFA-CWA Officers, determine the budget, oversee all Union activities.

Election Categories

Each Local Council in AFA-CWA is assigned to an Election Category; airlines with more than one Local Council are assigned to one of three Election Categories as evenly as possible.

Current Office
:1/1/17 – 12/31/19

Current Office:7/1/17– 6/30/20

Current Office:7/1/16 – 6/30/19

EWR Council 6
LAX Council 12
LHR Council 7
HNL Council 14
FRA Council 20
DCA Council 21
BOS Council 27

LAS Council 25
NRT Council 38

ORD Council 8
DEN Council 9
SFO Council 11
HKG Council 26
IAH Council42
CLE Council 63
GUM Council 65

When do elections begin?

Local Council elections begin approximately six months prior to the end of the current office term and are completed three months before the new term begins in order to allow for an orderly transition period. AFA-CWA Members will receive nomination ballot information from the AFA International Office. Remember, only Flight Attendants who are AFA Members in good standing are eligible to participate in the process. The Local Council Officer positions open for the nomination process are: LEC President, LEC Vice-President, LEC Secretary and Council Representative(s).

Who can run for office?

Under the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws, candidates for LEC office must be Members in good standing of the Council where the election is scheduled at the time of the nomination and election.  Candidates should also be committed to all their representational responsibilities, and must be able to volunteer off-duty hours to their elected post.  

How are officers elected?

AFA-CWA's Constitution and Bylaws provides for a two-step secret-ballot process, both accomplished by electronic ballot. The first step is distribution of a nomination ballot on which you indicate the name of your nominee. You are required to ensure that the person you nominate wishes to serve in the position. The second step in the process is the distribution of the election ballot which bears the names of all nominees who received at least two nomination votes and who have indicated their willingness to serve. The nomination process is like a primary election, while the election process is like a general election.

How are campaigns run?

Candidates must use their off-duty hours to campaign. Candidates may enlist a fellow Flight Attendant as a campaign coordinator. Campaign expenses such as telephone calls, special mailings, fliers, etc.- must be paid out of personal funds. Donations from friends, family members and flying partners are permitted, but careful records should be kept of all campaign contributions.  The AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws permits AFA to assist Members' election campaigns in three ways:

  • by distributing campaign literature (at the candidates' expense),
  • by posting resumes on AFA-CWA bulletin boards space permitting, and
  • by providing opportunities to address Members at Union meetings.

If assistance is provided by AFA-CWA, all candidates must be treated equally. 

Get Involved!

AFA is our Union and we rely on input from Members. If you are interested in becoming a Union leader, run for office. If not, you are encouraged to stay informed about the issues that affect your job, attend Union meetings and above all, we encourage you to vote!

For more information about AFA-CWA Local Council elections, visit our website @unitedafa.org or download the AFA Election Handbook.

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