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Uniform Design Program Update

Date: May 8, 2018

As we reported in Friday’s edition of E-lines, planning for our new uniforms continues and the Uniform Design Committee, consisting of a cross section of employees from the various front-line employee groups, met in San Francisco last week to receive an update on the status of the project and to preview some of the uniform pieces that are contemplated to be part of the wear test program.


During this update session hosted by the company, several uniform prototypes for Customer Service and Inflight were reviewed in advance of the wear test.  The wear test program is but one step in the program that has many steps and is focused on ensuring the quality of the material used will function well in our demanding work environment. Participants in the sessions were given an extraordinary opportunity to touch and see the material that will be used for the wear test with the clear understanding that these were not the final uniform pieces nor were these test garments reflective of the final fit and color.  It was clear, additional feedback from employees would be sought and incorporated in the final design process.


While picture taking was permitted during this design session, permission was granted with a clear understanding that none of these preliminary garments were to be published most notably on any social media site and were to be used as part of the greater conversation.


Needless to say, it was disappointing when we learned that some members of the Uniform Design Committee broke from the group and elected to share and post pictures of these wear test pieces on social media. The impact of this decision has left many who saw these pictures out of context and without a full explanation of what they were feeling very disappointed with what they have mistakenly assumed to be the final version of the uniform.


Our MEC and other LEC representatives are fully engaged in this process and continue to do an exceptional job of ensuring your interests are represented during this process. We encourage you to remain engaged in the development process by reviewing the uniform micro site that is available from the company’s website to ensure you are receiving the most current and accurate information available.  

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