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E-Lines: May 15, 2018

Date: May 15, 2018

International SOS Assistance
MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

With ongoing protests in Managua, worldwide security events, and the potential for an unexpected medical event while overseas, it’s timely to remind Members about International SOS (ISOS)  and its role in ensuring crew safety and security at international layover locations. United contracts with International SOS to provide security and medical assistance to crews in both emergency and non-emergency situations. ISOS has personnel in over 70 countries and operates 24/7, 365 days per year.

In the event of an illness or injury overseas, ISOS will arrange medical appointments with local third party medical providers, and will, as an agent for United Airlines, guarantee and pay all costs associated with a working crewmember’s in-patient or out-patient care. These services may also be available to other employees, retirees and travel eligible traveling overseas, but at different coverage levels.

ISOS also monitors worldwide security events and provides real time global information, along with security alerts. In a serious security situation, ISOS is prepared to arrange for emergency evacuation assistance. In certain circumstances, assistance may be extended to other United employees, retirees and/or traveling companions who might find themselves in the area at the time any evacuation may be required.

It is recommended that Crewmembers carry their ISOS card on their person, along with United’s corporate ID number when traveling internationally. The card lists the international contact phone numbers. If you have lost your ISOS card, you can download and print a new one by going to the Inflight Safety and Health page (Flying Together>Inflight Services>Safety & Security>Safety & Health>International SOS/MedAire for Crew Members) where you will find a blue hyperlink at the bottom of the page under “Resources”. Our website has more information about the ISOS program and app, which will provide more detailed information on the available services. The ISOS mobile app may be also downloaded onto your Link, or personal phone by clicking here. Additional information can also be found on the ISOS website at: www.internationalsos.com.

TUMI Luggage Registration and Monogramming
MEC Uniform Committee

As a reminder, Flight Attendants should register their company issued TUMI® rollaboard. Registration is easy and solidifies the warranty information necessary to resolve any future issues you may have with your bag. To REGISTER YOUR TUMI®:

Go to tumi.com.

  • Scroll down to the footer area on the home page.
  • Under the “My Account” section click on the “Register Your TUMI” link.
  • Log into your TUMI account (Important notes: Make sure to log in with your United email address. For Flight Attendants with an international home address, you will need to create an account first if you haven’t done so already).

    Once you log in, you will be prompted to enter your information, including the unique 20-digit ID number.


Rollaboard – Bottom of back lower plate of rollaboard

Tote – Inside of front pocket

Carry-on – Back of Bag

A five-year warranty applies to all TUMI® products included in the company program. The warranty covers zippers, wheels and handles. Flight Attendants are cautioned that any changes to your luggage made by anyone other than TUMI® voids the original TUMI® warranty and will not be eligible for repair. Click here for a list of TUMI stores that provide repairs. 

Note:if you have swapped bags with another Flight Attendant and the bag was registered by the previous owner, you will need to re-register your new bag with your information.

Additionally, Flights Attendants have the option to monogram their TUMI luggage with their personal initials at a participating TUMI luggage store location. Color choices are limited to the selection available via TUMI. Contact your Local Council Representatives with questions or concerns.

Only 3 Days Remain to Take Advantage of Cintas Select Discounted Uniform Pieces 
MEC Uniform Committee

Only 3 days remain to take advantage of the 50% discount Cintas is currently offering on select uniform items, for a limited time and while supplies last. To take advantage of this opportunity, log into your Cintas account at shop.mycintas.com. At this website you can check the remaining balance of your allotted points, review and order the select uniform items for which you have an interest. Early reports indicate that supplies are going fast on certain items. Once these items are gone, they’re gone. Don’t delay. Discount applies on select items and only for a few remaining days and while supplies last.

Note:  To log in to your Cintas account, enter UAL0 followed by your six digit file number with the “U”. Once there, you will be required to create a new password. Once that’s completed, the system will require you to sign in again.

Safeware Coverage Expires as of June 7, 2018 – Elect Coverage through June 6, 2018 

Flight Attendants are reminded to make their Safeware coverage election now through June 6, 2018, by going to my.safeware.com/ualIt is important to understand that if you take no action, you will be considered to have opted out of the coverage and will be responsible for the replacement cost of the device.

Details of the Safeware plan, including cost and coverage, can be found in E-lines publication dated May 4, 2018

Note: Flight Attendants deciding to opt in after the election deadline, will need to opt in at their base, where validation that your LINK and sled are operational and undamaged will be required. The rate will be pro-rated based on the date you make the election to opt in.


Hotel & Transportation Reports On-Line at unitedafa.org
MEC Hotel & Transportation Committee   

One of the most effective ways for Flight Attendants to address a layover hotel or transportation issue is to file a report with your Union.   When an incident occurs, when something isn’t functioning adequately, or when there is a safety or health concern, it is imperative that Flight Attendants take the time to report the occurrence detailing the efforts they’ve made personally to resolve the issue with hotel management.   If, however, you don’t report it, it likely will not be recognized as a problem and may or may not be addressed for your next visit.

While the pre-merger reporting methodologies are slightly different, it is no less important, regardless of the method used, for these issues to be reported. Only through these reporting mechanisms will the Union be aware of unique issues with layover hotels or transportation. We recommend that you review our suggestions on How to Write an Effective Report (pmUAL – TVLLOG or pmCAL - Hotel Report) to ensure you include all the information necessary to effectively address any issues.

Pre-Merger CAL/CMI - Submit a Hotel Report, to provide the Union with specific issues related to hotel & transportation issues.

Pre-Merger UAL - Submit a TVLLOG, TVLLOG is a contractual, corporate database created to document and track hotel and transportation compliments and complaints. The information is stored in a shared database available to the Union and the company. TVLLOG is the exclusive method by which hotel & transportation issues are to be reported by pmUA Flight Attendants. (You will be re-directed to the company's website to access Unimatic. TVLLOG can only be submitted via Unimatic.)

To submit reports, visit the United MEC Website’s Reports and Feedback Forms page.


Reporting of Occupational Injury/Illness (OJI)
MEC Benefits Committee

In recent days Flight Attendants have been inquiring as to the procedure when reporting an occupational injury or illness.

To report and Occupational or On-the-job injury (OJI): 

1.) Flight Attendants are required to call 1-844-717-2579 as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of your pairing/ID. 

2.) If being treated at an onsite United Airlines Health Clinic (ORD, IAH, EWR) the clinic will report the injury. 


3.)  Once reported, a supervisor at your home domicile will follow-up with you.

Note:Acceptance of your claim and timely payment of benefits may be delayed if your injury is not immediately reported. 

Additionally, GUM based Flight Attendants are to continue to follow their local specific injury reporting process. If the injury occurs on an international layover on the U.S. continent, please call AIG’s affiliate, Travel Guard @ 1-888-826-8949 (within U.S.) or 1-817-826-7132 (international, collect.) 

Additional information may be found by referencing the United's Flight Attendant Occupational Illness/Injury Packet

Make Your Calls to the Senate NOW for 10 Hours Rest
MEC Government Affairs Committee

The FAA Reauthorization Bill will come to the Senate floor soon for a vote. 

Disappointingly, the language currently in the Senate version of the FAA Bill allows a reasonable period of 10 hours of rest to be reduced to 9 hours, to the detriment of Flight Attendant health and welfare. We must push to ensure the House language prevails because our personal health depends on this. Every Senator needs to hear from Flight Attendants over and over on this. 

Call 855-534-1774 to tell your Senators to maintain the House language of 10 Hours Rest for Flight Attendants in the FAA Reauthorization Bill. We need equal 10 hours minimum rest – equal to that provided to our colleagues working on the flight deck of the same aircraft on which we work.

After you make your call, text a flying partner and tell them to call. We need every Flight Attendant to weigh in with their Senators to make our 10 hours rest a reality.   

We can do this!

United Service Anywhere (USAW) Changes to Help Hub, May 17, 2018  

United Service Anywhere (USAW), United’s self-service portal that provided employees with a one-stop resource to ask questions or obtain assistance from a whole magnitude of services, will be upgraded to a new portal as of May 17, 2018 and will become known as Help Hub.

Although Help Hub, will maintain all the current functions and information that United Service Any Where (USAW) currently offers, it will be upgraded with some unique enhancements that will provide Flight Attendants (& other employees) ease and accessibility to functions they frequented via their mobile devices. For Flight Attendants, a mobile shortcut will be added to our Link, replacing the USAW shortcut. Help Hub will also be accessible via Flying Together and from your personal devices. Information on this upgrade may be found in the May 9, 2018 edition of  ISW. Additional information concerning the launch of Help Hubwill be released soon.

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