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International SOS Assistance

Date: May 15, 2018

With ongoing protests in Managua, worldwide security events, and the potential for an unexpected medical event while overseas, it’s timely to remind Members about International SOS (ISOS)  and its role in ensuring crew safety and security at international layover locations. United contracts with International SOS to provide security and medical assistance to crews in both emergency and non-emergency situations. ISOS has personnel in over 70 countries and operates 24/7, 365 days per year.

In the event of an illness or injury overseas, ISOS will arrange medical appointments with local third party medical providers, and will, as an agent for United Airlines, guarantee and pay all costs associated with a working crewmember’s in-patient or out-patient care. These services may also be available to other employees, retirees and travel eligible traveling overseas, but at different coverage levels.

ISOS also monitors worldwide security events and provides real time global information, along with security alerts. In a serious security situation, ISOS is prepared to arrange for emergency evacuation assistance. In certain circumstances, assistance may be extended to other United employees, retirees and/or traveling companions who might find themselves in the area at the time any evacuation may be required.

It is recommended that Crewmembers carry their ISOS card on their person, along with United’s corporate ID number when traveling internationally. The card lists the international contact phone numbers. If you have lost your ISOS card, you can download and print a new one by going to the Inflight Safety and Health page (Flying Together>Inflight Services>Safety & Security>Safety & Health>International SOS/MedAire for Crew Members) where you will find a blue hyperlink at the bottom of the page under “Resources”. Our website has more information about the ISOS program and app, which will provide more detailed information on the available services. The ISOS mobile app may be also downloaded onto your Link, or personal phone by clicking here. Additional information can also be found on the ISOS website at: www.internationalsos.com.

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