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Reporting of Occupational Injury/Illness (OJI)

Date: May 15, 2018

MEC Benefits Committee

In recent days Flight Attendants have been inquiring as to the procedure when reporting an occupational injury or illness.

To report and Occupational or On-the-job injury (OJI): 

1.) Flight Attendants are required to call 1-844-717-2579 as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of your pairing/ID. 

2.) If being treated at an onsite United Airlines Health Clinic (ORD, IAH, EWR) the clinic will report the injury. 


3.)  Once reported, a supervisor at your home domicile will follow-up with you.

Note:Acceptance of your claim and timely payment of benefits may be delayed if your injury is not immediately reported. 

Additionally, GUM based Flight Attendants are to continue to follow their local specific injury reporting process. If the injury occurs on an international layover on the U.S. continent, please call AIG’s affiliate, Travel Guard @ 1-888-826-8949 (within U.S.) or 1-817-826-7132 (international, collect.) 

Additional information may be found by referencing the United's Flight Attendant Occupational Illness/Injury Packet

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