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AFA Works for You! – The Importance of Union Meetings

Date: May 23, 2018

MEC Communications Committee

Union Meetings
As a continuation of our educational series on how AFA Works for You!, this week we focus on the importance of AFA-CWA Union Meetings. Union meetings are among the best ways we as Members can obtain information. Meetings provide the venue for Members to ask questions, voice any concerns they may have and to get answers. Union Meetings provided reliable information about the business of the Union and our Contract. 

Local Council Meetings:
Each Local Council is required to hold at least two (2) Local Council Meetings each year and at least one of those meetings must be held before the Board of Directors Meeting to ensure the Members are able to review and discuss the upcoming agenda items. Each Local Council Meeting should discuss the business of the Local Council and those item that are affecting Members at the Local Council location. All active and dues paying Members are encouraged to join and participate at these meetings. 

Master Executive Council Meetings:
The Master Executive Council (MEC) is made up of all Local Council Presidents and the elected officers of the MEC.  The entire MEC is required to meet at least two (2) times a year to discuss the business of the Members for the representing airline.  At this meeting the work of the Union and its Members are discussed as well as issues that could affect the Membership. 

Board of Directors Meetings:
The structure of AFA provides for each airline to represent themselves at the Local and Master Executive Levels; however, each airline needs to ensure the Union is working as a whole to support the needs of all Flight Attendants. AFA accomplishes this through an Annual Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting where all the Local Council Presidents and MEC Officers come together to address the business of the Union and issues affecting the well-being and careers of Flight Attendants. 

Flight Attendants are encouraged to attend all the meetings of the Union to witness the democratic process in action.  

For more information about upcoming Union Meetings please contact your Local Council Office then, mark your calendar and plan to attend the Summer 2018 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council - July 10-12, 2018 in Rosemont, IL.  

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