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Central Schedule Committee – Implementation of Section 30.L.

Date: May 23, 2018

MEC Central Schedule Committee

Section 30.L. of our JCBA establishes the requirement for the Union’s Central Schedule Committee. Under the terms of the JCBA, the Union Schedule Committee works on behalf of the United Master Executive Council and the Membership to ensure the scheduling provisions of our JCBA are administered consistently and that the language of our Contract is enforced.

Central Schedule Committee meets with the company, at a minimum, twice each month, to review the flying assigned at each location, that is the pairings built by the company, and to review the domestic and international lines constructed for each location based on recommendations that are made by the Local Schedule Committee.

The Committee consists of five Members plus a Chairperson. These individuals review the pairings built at each base to ensure the sequences of flying are consistent with the terms of the Contract in terms of duty time, maximum flight time and other legalities.

Under the terms of the MEC Policy Manual, the Committee has a number of additional responsibilities related to Flight Attendant schedules including monitoring understaffing, moved flying, utilization reports, Reserve scheduling and the award of monthly leaves of absence. In addition, the Committee is responsible for assisting Local Councils in answering Members’ questions related to the schedule development process.

Local Scheduling Committees, on the other hand, are currently staffed with volunteers from the Local Council from which the schedules are flown. These include volunteers who continue to fly under the scheduling provisions of our respective pre-merger Agreements.

In addition to this work, CSC prepares two monthly reports that are published on the MEC website (unitedafa.org) detailing their activities in the schedule development process. Flight Attendants are encouraged to read the reports to become more familiar with the work that goes into the creation of monthly flying schedules for Flight Attendants.

If you have additional question, please contact any Member of Central Schedule Committee or your Local Council. 

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