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AFA Works for You!

Date: May 29, 2018

MEC Communications Committee

In last week's edition of 'AFA Works for You' series, we stressed the importance of Union Meetings. This week we're discussing another important subject; introducing new ideas or constructive suggestions to your Leadership that may bring about positive changes to our Union, or possibly, bringing brand new issues to the fore, so that resolutions may be implemented. The significance of Membership input cannot be overstated. Our Members serve on the 'front lines', and as such, are often the first to become aware of developing and/or problematic issues that may require MEC involvement. Therefore, as a continuation of our educational series on how “AFA Works for You!”, this week we focus on the processes for a Member to bring forward ideas, improvements or changes within our Union. 

Introducing Improvements or Change 

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) is a democratic Union with a structure that starts with the Member. Within our structure, a single Member has the ability to bring forward ideas to change the course of our Union.

As Members of the largest Flight Attendant Union, all or our opinions and ideas matter.  When you have an idea for improvement or change, consider taking the following steps:

1.Talk with your peers to validate the idea.

2.Discuss the idea with your Local Council President and, if appropriate, the Local Chairperson of the Committee who is responsible for the subject matter addressed.

3.Write your idea in the form of a proposal or agenda item and request the President publish it in the next Local Council Newsletter, or place it on the agenda for the next Local Council Meeting.

4.Attend the next Local Council Meeting and read and discuss your proposal with the Members and leadership in attendance.  Be prepared to explain your idea and volunteer to help implement and accomplish your plan.

5.As a democratic Union, a vote by the Membership in the Local Council Meeting will take place.  The majority vote of those in attendance including proxies, will determine whether or not your idea moves forward.

6.If your idea will only affect the Local Council, it will be acted on at that level.  The Flight Attendants at the meeting will vote to advance the proposal/agenda item or not.

7.If your proposal must receive Master Executive Council (MEC) approval, and if it passes at your Local Council Meeting, the Local Council President will take it to the next MEC Meeting for consideration and a vote.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Changes to the United Flight Attendant Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) or JCBA must be negotiated. Changes to the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws must be voted upon by the entire Board of Directors at their next meeting.

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