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Ensuring Everyone’s Safety with Cool Cabin Temperatures

Date: May 29, 2018

MEC Safety, Health and Security

Ensuring our safety and that of the passengers in our care during extreme weather conditions is a part of being a Flight Attendant.  With the outside temperatures rising to extremes as they have in recent days in several geographic areas, it is imperative for everyone to do their part to ensure aircraft cabins remain cool and comfortable to avoid medical emergencies caused by temperature extremes. Always, have a conversation with the CS supervisor or Captain to vocalize any concerns you may have and seek an alternate opinion when determining if it is safe to board passengers on any aircraft where the temperature of the cabin is elevated.

Out of an abundance of caution, whenever you board an aircraft and find that it’s too warm, Flight Attendants should immediately request the following:

  • Ask the Pilots to cool down the cabin
  • If the Pilots are not available, Flight Attendants should make a request for the gate agent or ground staff to start the auxiliary power unit (APU).

We can enlist the assistance of passengers on inbound flights to avoid overheating.  Flight Attendants are encouraged to make an announcement enlisting passengers to assist in lowering their window shades and turning on their passenger service unit air vent prior maximizing airflow prior to deplaning the aircraft.

Additional information on cabin temperatures and the best practices for avoiding heat exhaustion may be found in AFA E-Lines publication dated May, 11, 2018

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