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Identification Required to Access KCM

Date: May 29, 2018

Known Crew Member (KCM) check points are security checkpoints that provide known crew members with expedited access to secured areas of the airport. When accessing these areas through KCM check points you must present your airline ID as well as one additional form ofa government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or state issued ID or driver’s license.  

Note:Temporary government issued photo ID are prohibited for access into the airport sterile area through a KCM access point.  If you have been issued a temporary government issued photo ID and it is your only form of government issued identification, proceed to the passenger screening checkpoint or employee screening location in order to access the airport sterile area.

Flight Attendants who have forgotten, misplaced or lost their KCM barcode access card may still utilize all of the active KCM® access points without the card. This includes crewmembers that may have a KCM® barcode card that does not function properly at the time of scanning. The Transportation Security Officers will manually input your information into the KCM® system if you do not have a functioning barcode card. However, you still will need to provide your company ID and government issued identification.

If the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) cannot confirm your identity or current employment status as a United Airlines Flight Attendant at the KCM® access point, you will be directed to the passenger-screening checkpoint in order to access the sterile area of the airport. If you have an access issue, Flight Attendants are encouraged to follow TSA instructions and not attempt to resolve the issue with TSA officers, as they are unable to rectify access denial or system failures. Further, a KCM® denial could result from a database error that is nonspecific to you, or it might involve a miscommunication from your employer. Flight Attendants experiencing a KCM® denial should seek assistance from your supervisor in an effort to rectify the situation. 

Flight Attendants who may have misplaced or damaged their KCM barcode card may request a new KCM® barcode card from the concierge desk in the domicile.  Once you receive your new KCM® barcode card, login to your secure account at www.mykcmsupport.comto update the personalized KCM® barcode card number associated with your KCM account.

KCM, as we all know, is a privilege.  Because of the value KCM brings all of us in our work & personal life, we encourage everyone to follow the proper procedures and adhere to the guidelines set forth in the KCM access agreement. If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council office.

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