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AFA-CWA Standing Together to Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness - Join Our Team!

Date: June 1, 2018

AFA-CWA is standing together to raise Awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and other Brain Health issues. We committed to supporting not only those affected with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, but also caring for those who provide the care to those afflicted.

Beginning today June 1, 2018, and for the month of June, all AFA Flight Attendants will demonstrate our commitment to support those affected by this disease by putting purple ribbons behind our AFA pins. Ask your Local AFA leader for a purple ribbon. 

Additionally, Flight Attendants are encouraged to send photos of themselves and/or their crew wearing the purple Alzheimer’s support ribbon with their AFA pin to Communications@unitedafa.org or text to 502-758-9961. Flight Attendants should be aware that the photos will be used for publication as AFA shows our ongoing support to the thousands afflicted with this disease, their caregivers and our collective commitment to finding a cure.  

This action is unanimously supported by the AFA Board of Directors. Join us to support those facing Alzheimer's. Find out more about Alzheimer's >

"Fighting Alzheimer's is a personal cause for the members of AFA. Flight Attendants are natural caregivers, and many have directly faced the effects of Alzheimer’s with their loved ones. On the plane, we encounter situations or passenger conflicts that may occur when people are exhibiting behaviors caused by Alzheimer's or dementia. The resources provided by the Alzheimer's Association can help us do our job, assist us in our personal lives, and even help us recognize early signs of Alzheimer's or dementia in someone close to us." - AFA International President Sara Nelson

To raise awareness, learn more or contribute, visit: afacwa.org/alz >

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