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Crew Scheduling Recordings

Date: June 8, 2018

Section 3.F - JCBA

As provided for in Section 3.F. of our JCBA, the company is required to establish and maintain a telephone recording system(s) to record all telephone conversations between Crew Scheduling, and all other departments that regularly perform crew scheduling functions and Flight Attendants. 

The recording system will indicate the date and time of calls, and the company is required to keep the call records for a minimum of sixty (60) days, subsequently a specific recorded telephone conversation shall be made accessible to a Local President or Local designee within seven (7) days after her/his written request, and notice of a potential or actual dispute to the Director of Crew Scheduling and/or designee. 

Should the need arise to clarify any conversation where details of the call may be in question, Flight Attendants are encouraged to file a Local Council worksheet including the details regarding the discussion in question. Please provide the date, time and names of anyone involved in said conversation. Your Local Council representatives will need this information so that they may act appropriately to the circumstances of the situation. 

For additional information contact your Local Council Office.

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