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One United, June 7, 2018

Date: June 8, 2018

What you can expect regarding JCBA communication & education:

In preparation for that all important Oct. 1, 2018 date, please be on the lookout for One United Update emails from the JCBA Implementation Team. The format of the One United Updates has changed and starting with this e-mail, the type of information you should expect to see and when it will be released has been revised as follows:

Frequency of communication:


One United Update e-mail sent

June – August 2018

Twice each month – 1st& 3rdThursday

Sept – October 2018

Weekly on Thursday

October 2018 forward

As Needed

Special Update Emails will be sent as needed

Educational materials:

Comprehensive education materials will be available starting in June 2018 and continue through October 2018. We cannot stress enough how critical it is that you take full advantage of all of the education materials you’ll be receiving to ensure you can properly prepare and be ready for the many upcoming changes.

Educational materials will be accessible through the following channels:

·One United Update’ emails (like this one)

·One United Flying Together website > Reference guides link

·Content Locker on Link

·Supplemental materials distributed at all base.

Practice environment introduction

On Sept. 12, 2018, all Flight Attendants will begin using the redesigned common scheduling platform to bid for October. To prepare for this change, a practice environment is expected to be available in July and will allow Flight Attendants to navigate all the new bidding screens and functionality.

This practice environment will be an excellent opportunity to explore and become familiar with basic functionality in the redesigned common scheduling platform. Look for additional details about the practice environment in upcoming One United messages.

One United website update on Flying Together

Today, the updated One United site has launched on the new Flying Together platform. View and bookmark this site by clicking here. Enhancements have been designed with Flight Attendants in mind and makes it easier to view and access JCBA contract, communication, and education information.

Please note that the old One United website is currently still visible but does not contain updated information. Be sure to use the new website link in order to view the most up-to-date content.

What to Expect Next
The June 21, 2018 One United Update will include additional detailed information on the CCS Practice Environment which will be available in July.

Key One United Education Topics
This section provides a list of all plannededucation materials* by topic. Education materials will begin to be available starting in late June 2018 and continuing through October 2018. Below are the materials for each topic that are anticipated for distribution.

Bidding & Awards

  • To be deployed: Overview
  • To be deployed: User Guide
  • To be deployed: Video Tutorials

Trip Trades & Adjustments

  • To be deployed: Trip Trades Overview
  • To be deployed: Adjustments Overview
  • To be deployed: Trip Trades & Adjustments Guide
  • To be deployed: Video Tutorials
  • To be deployed: Trip Trades Computer-Based Education


  • To be deployed: Overview
  • To be deployed: User Guide


  • To be deployed: Overview
  • To be deployed: User Guide
  • To be deployed: Video Tutorials

Legalities & Scheduling

  • To be deployed: Overview
  • To be deployed: User Guide
  • To be deployed: Video Tutorials


  • To be deployed: Overview
  • To be deployed: User Guide
  • To be deployed: Video Tutorials


  • To be deployed: Common Metal Support Team
  • To be deployed: Language Program Handbook
  • To be deployed: In-Base Support Dates

*Proposed educational materials delivery dates are subject to change

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