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(pm-CAL) Scheduling Procedure When Assignment Is Not Acknowledged

Date: June 12, 2018

Questions regarding the responsibility of a Reserve while on a legal rest period during the entire Acknowledgement window persist. The Company has acknowledged there are occasions when this may be the case, management has also acknowledged the vast majority of Flight Attendants are not only aware of their obligations following legal rest, they are also present for their assignments. Flight Attendants may ascertain their assignment at their convenience, with the understanding that they may have an assignment that immediately follows their minimum scheduled rest period as provided in Section 5.B.9. of the pmCAL Agreement.

Reserve Flight Attendants should be aware that Management continues to assert they have no obligation to contact Reserves for the purpose of advising them of any assignment when they have not, for any reason, acknowledged their assignment during the window. Reserves are encouraged to review the following information which outlines what happens if a Reserve does not acknowledge their next day assignment during the Acknowledgement window:



If a Reserve does not acknowledge their next-day assignment during the Acknowledgement Window:

1.Scheduling willnotcontact the Flight Attendant to advise them of their next day’s assignment.

2.Any trip or Airport Alert assignment for the next day willremainon the Flight Attendant’s line, and she/he is still responsible for that assignment.

3.If the Flight Attendantfails to reportfor the check-in of the assignment, she/he will be given a Missed Trip (MT) at that time.


For additional information on this and other issues important to Reserve Flight Attendants contact your Local Council Office. 

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