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Tumi Luggage Repair

Date: June 12, 2018

Registration of your uniform Tumi™ luggage should have been completed upon receipt of your company luggage, but may still be completed by following the registration process detailed in E-lines publication, dated May 15, 2018.  The registration process is important because it is through this registration that repairs to your luggage are covered by the manufacturer at any Tumi location.

The warranty covers a five-year period and applies to all TUMI® products included in the company luggage program. The warranty covers zippers, wheels and handles. However, repairs must be handled at an authorized TUMI store in order to be covered by the five year warranty. Flight Attendants are cautioned that any repairs or changes to your luggage made by anyone other than TUMI® may result in your luggage being ineligible for repair under the TUMI® warranty.


Additionally, if you have swapped bags with another Flight Attendant and the bag was registered by the previous owner, you will need to re-register your new bag with your information.

Once you have ensured your bag is registered, Flight Attendants may take their bag to any authorized TUMI repair location. Click here for a list of TUMI stores that provide repairs. 

If the bag is beyond repair as a result of a manufacturing defect, TUMI will issue a new luggage piece as long as the bag remains under warranty. 

Note: If the damage is the result of negligence, the Flight Attendant will need to work with her/his domicile uniform coordinator to order a new replacement piece. 

Loaner rollaboards are only available for pick-up at a designated TUMI location. Flight Attendants utilizing the loaner program will be required to complete a loaner form, including your employee ID number. All TUMI-issued loaner rollaboards will be tracked by the company and can only be kept for a maximum of 60 days. 

If you have additional questions regarding repairs to any TUMI® luggage item, please contact your domicile Uniform Coordinator for assistance.

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