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One United Update - Bidding and Awards, Crew Rest Policy

Date: June 30, 2018

Today’s One United Update introduces the first in a series of ongoing educational materials addressing various topics & changes. These resources have been created with you in mind, and provide guidance on how to best understand and use the new systems that will be available for October 1st.

Please take the time get up to speed on these changes now so there are no surprises come September when we will first start using these systems in our bidding for October 1st. If you have questions or need help, we encourage you to contact your Local Council Office or your base leadership for assistance.

Below you will find links to access the Bidding & Awards materials, which are also available in Content Locker on your Link and Flying Together > One United > Reference Guides. Printed copies will be available for pickup in your base in early July.

Additional detail will be available on our MEC website as unitedafa.org within the next few days.

Crew rest policy harmonization

Effective Aug. 1, 2018, Section 3.DD. of our JCBA will be fully implemented and our crew rest policies will be harmonized. At a high-level, changes include implementing the :15 and :30 minute crew rest breaks and providing a consistent experience of alternate crew rest locations for flights over eight (8) hours should the regular crew rest areas be inoperable. We will be sharing additional details on the harmonized crew rest policy on July 12, 2018 through One United.

Language Positions for October 2018

In preparation for the implementation of our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA), current language programs for all workgroups will be harmonized into a single language program and open to all Flight Attendants effective October 1, 2018. Information on the language program can be found in Section 9.G. of our JCBA

Current Language Qualified Flight Attendants (LQFAs) will be automatically transferred into the new, harmonized language program without needing to retest. New applicants are welcome to test to become language qualified at any time. 

A list of language trips flown by each base, with an approximate number of lineholder positions based on the October 2018 schedule month, is now posted on Flying Together > One United> Reference Guides.

Management has also provided an estimated number of LQFAs by language, by base. It is critical to understand that the assignment of flying and, therefore, language positions to a base may change based on shifts in flying, inadequate staffing in some languages, or the need to reassign flying to another base to support the population of Flight Attendants assigned at the location. Please note that language flying also shifts throughout the year due to seasonal flying and in some cases LQFA flying ceases when seasonal flying is discontinued.

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