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2Hot2Cold in Air Travel

Date: July 6, 2018

Currently the FAA has no operating requirements for cabin temperatures. As a result, in the summer, cabins can get too hot; in the winter, they can get too cold.

Unfortunately, Flight Attendants face these extreme conditions all too often and in order to make change, we need data to persuade regulators and legislators to establish airplane temperature standards. An app has been created that will assist us in defining the problem and provide us with reports in an effort to get it fixed.

To download the app: 

  • From your smartphone or tablet, go to afacwa.org/2hot2cold, click on the appropriate link to download the app. 
  • Or, in the App or Play Store, search for "2Hot2Cold." 

Working together, we will end the scourge of 2Hot2Cold in air travel! Additional information can be found on our website @unitedafa.org.

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